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Powered with a smile: Puneeth on his life, hobbies, home and films  

It is not easy being Thespian Rajkumar's son. That is for sure. Puneeth Rajkumar, the youngest of Annavru's sons comes across as a shy guy who smiles more than he talks. Most Kannadigas have seen him as a famous child actor, later an awkward teen, and after some unsure times when he dabbled in various businesses, the way they wanted to see him - as a hero on the large screen. Power Star Puneeth has held his sway from the days he debuted with Appu. This weekend will see the audio launch of his latest film in the making Doddmane Huduga. Excerpts from a chat:

You're doing so much. Acting, singing, TV shows, kabaddi brand ambassador, now you own a futsal do you handle it all?

(Laughs). It is nice to be occupied with your interests. I really don’t find myself so busy. I find there is time for everything. And above all, family comes first. Thanks to my team, my well wishers, and family that accommodates everything around me.

What's the real power behind the Power Star?

I guess it is work, good work. I've been brought up seeing my dad, who was full of energy and it was all about work, work, work throughout. He had that great smile on his face .... That keeps me going.

Is it very overwhelming sometimes, being surrounded by an entire family where everyone is entrenched in films?

Not really. Films are only on set. When I come home, it is normal. It is just family and friends.

No film talk at home?

Not at all!! I am into adventure...

What is your scene?

I am into diving. Deep sea diving in different countries. The last was in Maldives. Otherwise Bunaken (Indonesia). I am planning to go to Cebu next (Philippines).

Does your wife go diving with you?

No. She is always on board. I am trying to get my kids into it now...

How old are the kids?

The older daughter is 13 and the younger one is 10.

Growing up, when you saw your Appaji, what was the thing you aspired for when you looked at him?

Oh so many things. It was nice to see a man who is not only popular but also loved so much. I always feel you should be nice. It is just one life..... His smile.

Any quality of your Appaji that you've inherited?

I wouldn't say I've inherited his qualities. No way. He was a very nice human being. But I guess I'm a foodie (like him).

And when you say foodie, what kind of food are you talking about?

I'm a pure non-vegetarian. I eat a lot of meat.

What about your father's passion for yoga? Have you got any of that?

I do yoga. Just a little bit.

Among you three brothers, who is most like your Appaji?

Okay that elder brother, Shivanna. I would say all of us have some shades of dad. I wouldn't know about the quality part of it. We are all his children.

Being the youngest, were you very pampered?

A lot. (Grins widely)

To the point of spoilt? You concede to that?

Yeah! Definitely, by everyone including parents, brothers, sisters.

Your mother is your anchor - she holds together your family and the family's film production house. Do you see her as the boss? Or is she at some point just mummy?

She is the boss -- she has been and still remains the boss. I love the way she is. If I have come out and done something in my life it is definitely because of her. I have always seen her busy and working and she has produced almost 87 films with a 75 per cent success rate. It is amazing.

Does she worry about smaller things -- did you eat, when did you come home -- that sort of mom thing?

Yeah, basically she worries about food. ‘Did you eat? Did you sleep?’ The rest she says go ahead, it is life. You need to learn. Go and do it...

What is first thing you do after going home after a long day's shoot?

I first sit down and relax.

Your favourite place to hangout in the house?

Bedroom. No, near the TV. The home theatre.

What are the projects you are looking forward to?

I am looking forward to all my projects. The next month Doddmane Huduga will probably be out, with Suri as director and Ambrish Uncle as my dad. And I have Rajakumara coming up. We have finished shooting almost 50 per cent of it. I have a couple of more projects coming up but nothing finalised yet. These are the two releases this year.

Are you also looking at other languages?

(Laughs) I don't know ... it might happen. In general I have lot of friends from different industries. There is nothing I don't want to do. I don't mind...


Puneeth's new weekend getaway

Puneeth Rajkumar has now got a new weekend getaway -- a second home tucked away in Craig Park Layout near M.G.Road, that has been done up completely through Godrej Interio’s “Upload and Transform” project - where you upload pictures of your home and the company transforms the home according to your brief. This is a home he wanted away from his famous family home always thronged by people. “I wanted a space to spend more time with my family. Otherwise at home I get very little privacy.”

Puneeth said at first he was apprehensive - will what looked good in pictures look as good for real? The brief he and wife Ashwini gave the company was that they wanted a contemporary Western aesthetic, with sober furniture. “We as a family prefer sober colours. We didn't want any part of the house to be loud or jazzy. But they brought us a mix of a little bit of bling and sober colours, which worked surprisingly well,” said Puneeth at the launch of the new home. For their daughters, they wanted rooms with peach, mint,and pink notes. The kitchen is an all-white spacious one, while huge cream resto chairs dominate the dining area. The master bedroom is replete with creams, beiges, and silken gold tones.

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