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Young World Puzzles - October 30, 2015


Crossword for you


1. Indian mathematician who worked with G.H. Hardy (9)

5. Humans are scientifically known as ____ Sapiens (4)

6. On the Origin of ______, book by Charles Darwin (7)

7. Carrier of genetic information (3)

9. An X-___ can create pictures of your bones (3)

11. Calcium carbonate is also known as ____stone (4)

12. ____bhata, ancient Indian mathematician (4)

13. Wheel with teeth (4)

16. To infer something based on an experiment (6)

17. The N in TNT (5)

18. Hot glowing ball of gas in space (4)


1. Ronald ____ discovered a cure for malaria (4)

2. The scientist who screamed ‘Eureka!’ (10)

3. Nitrogenous compound used as fertilizer (4)

4. Noble gas used in display lighting (4)

5. Most abundant element in the universe (8)

7. DC is _____ Current (6)

8. ___ Lovelace, the woman who invented computer programming or the first machine algorithm (3)

10. Fungus that makes bread rise (5)

14. A brilliant new thought (4)

15. Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning ___ (3)

Quiz Whiz

Halloween Special: As per folklore, poltergeists are troublesome spirits or ghosts that create a lot of racket and move things around. Which language does the word poltergeist come from?

Fear of gold is known as aurophobia. Auroraphobia is different. What is the subject of fear in auroraphobia?

Deep oceans are the Earth’s most predominant environment with 71 per cent of the Earth’s surface being water-covered. How much of the Earth’s water do the oceans cover?

True or False: The largest bats in the world are known as flying foxes.

In “Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron”, two vigilantes T-Bone and Razor save their city from villains and dark forces. Name their city.

Amy Mainzer, a NASA astronomer, discovered this asteroid in 2010, and named it after the youngest Nobel Laureate. What is the name of the asteroid?



Snakes and ladders

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