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A scene from the play ‘Getting Sara Married’.   | Photo Credit: Sangeetha Devi Dundoo

Behind every single, successful woman there’s an elderly person, most often a woman, trying her best to get the high-flying, single woman ‘settled’ for life. Getting Sara Married, written by Sam Bobrick, is a light-hearted, even if unbelievable, account of what happens when a ‘well-meaning’ aunt takes her matchmaking skills to a new level. On Saturday evening, the Secunderabad Club Amateur Dramatics Society staged the play to a packed house, eliciting laughter through their 90-minute presentation.

The setting on stage introduces us to a simple, aesthetic apartment (set design by Ranjan Ranganathan) that belongs to Sara Hastings, a lawyer who has neither the time nor the intention for men and marriage. Her cheerful, persistent aunt Martha’s sole motive is to see her niece married, and she doesn’t flinch before getting a prospective groom (Brandon) bonked on the head, kidnapped and delivered to her niece’s apartment.

Brandon, who’s been bonked on the head, is wheeled into Sara’s apartment by a small time thug Noogi. An unconscious Brandon slowly comes around, trying to make sense of finding himself in an attractive woman’s apartment. As he figures out if he is an insurance agent, dentist or a real estate agent, he is drawn to Sara. The trouble is, he is already engaged and his fiancé Healther Boyd obviously doesn’t buy the story that he found his way into another woman’s apartment unwittingly. The drama unfolds as Sara tries to be a good host to the un-welcomed guest while trying to save her aunt for her ‘illegal’ act. We see the aunt through telephonic conversations as she goes about a gamut of activities — weight training, step-up aerobics or playing music.

Getting Sara Married rides on a wafer-thin plot but if you go with the flow of events, there’s plenty of entertainment that will come your way through a bunch of gags.

Directed by Ranjan Ranganathan, the play starred Amrita Shah, Jayant Dwarakanath and Aarti Phatarpherkar among others in key roles.

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