Lotus-eyed One

The Supreme One is described in the Upanishads as having lotus eyes. Lord Narayana’s eyes have the beauty of a lotus flower, and this fact is reiterated in our epics too, said Akkarakkani Srinidhi in a discourse.

When Lord Krishna goes as the messenger of the Pandavas to the court of Duryodhana, He stays in the house of Vidura. Duryodhana is inimically disposed towards the Pandavas, on whose behalf Krishna has come, and yet even he addresses Krishna as ‘Pundareekaksha,’ meaning lotus-eyed One.

The Lord is One whose beauty is immense. Dasaratha addresses Rama as ‘Rajeevalochana,’ which again means the One with lotus-like eyes. Valmiki describes Rama as being more beautiful than the Moon. The Lord’s glances of mercy confer innumerable blessings on the one so blessed to be seen by Him.

Those who listen to His greatness being described become gnanis. When Prahlada was in his mother’s womb, Narada spoke to her about the greatness of Narayana, and as a result of this, Prahlada had unshakeable faith in the Lord even when he was a child. The Lord’s eyes are like the Sun, in its blazing intensity and scorching heat, when it comes to looking at the enemies of His devotees. But when it comes to looking at His devotees, His eyes are like the Moon, with their cool and pleasing glances.

Sabari, the aged ascetic, waits for Rama, for she has been asked to wait for Him by her acharyas. When Rama arrives, she serves Him fruits she has picked for Him. She says that His kind eyes have blessed her. The task assigned to her by her acharyas having been performed by her, she gives up her life and attains moksha.

Koorathazhvar, in his Sri Vaikunta Sthavam, describes Narayana as the lotus-eyed One, and offers his salutations to the Lord. Koorathazhvar also describes His eyes as being cool, and as eyes that grant to devotees boons that they seek.

The Lord's eyes are beautiful in archa form too, and Thirupanazhvar describes the eyes of Lord Ranganatha as being big and long.

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