Invaluable human birth

For a Jivatma, to be born as a human among the innumerable species of life, is itself a unique blessing in the arduous journey through countless births. Human birth provides the exclusive opportunity to pursue the Purusharthas — dharma (righteousness), wealth (artha), desire (kama) and salvation (moksha). Even in the brief life span, there is the inbuilt chance to gain access to knowledge of God, experience His infinite greatness, and seek salvation, observed Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha during a lecture on Vedanta in life. In this context, he referred to Krishna’s expositions to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, emphasising the need for focused perception to augment the rare human faculties of mind, speech and intellect.

Arjuna is beset with the onus of choosing the right path when facing the dilemma of fighting his own kith and kin. While as a Kshatriya his duty is to fight, at the battle ground he hesitates. Accepting his inability to see things in proper perspective, he seeks enlightenment from Krishna.

Krishna explains the value of human birth and the basis of spiritual progress that begins with the differentiation between the eternal and the ephemeral. An important aim of human existence is to engage in Tatva Vichara that can combat the cancer of worldly pulls. An individual has to know the truth of his real self and the purpose of his life. The highest intelligence is the awareness of this Atma Tatva. When one realises the abiding truth that the Supreme Brahman exists eternally, is effulgent and all-pervading, and that the world is illusory, spiritual progress is ensured.

Sastras provide the knowledge and guidance to seek the subtle and sublime truth through Upasana. They show the way out of Samsara. Many have delved into their import to make it accessible in the form of Sutras on bhakti, karma or the Supreme Brahman that capture the essence of these concepts in aphorisms. And no amount of wonder or eulogy is too small to appreciate the value of human birth which leads to salvation and the Jivatma to his destination in that demanding journey.

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