Greatness of Sundara Kanda

The Sundara Kanda shows us the power of the name ‘Rama.’ Hanuman repeats this name, and it is well known that he was invincible. Sundara Kanda talks of the qualities that an Acharya should have. It is sweet for this reason, for to talk of great men is a pleasant task indeed.

The entire Ramayana may be said to be contained in Sundra Kanda. Hanuman, when he meets Sita, narrates the events of the Bala Kanda and when he comes to meet Rama, after having met Sita, Hanuman says that Rama and Sita will be crowned ruling monarchs and have a happy life together. It is also the canto that reveals the greatness of Hanuman, who says he can carry all of Lanka on his back if needed!

It also shows that the Divine Couple are inseparable, said Gomatam Madhavachariar in a discourse. Any attempt to think of them as being apart from each other will only bring disaster to the one who thinks that way. Ravana wanted Sita, and wanted to get rid of Rama. Surpanaka wanted Rama and wanted to get rid of Sita. That was why their lives ended in misery. Hanuman wanted to unite Rama and went in search of Sita. And that is why even today Hanuman is worshipped.

Sundara Kanda captures the determination of Hanuman to succeed, in spite of the hurdles that kept cropping up in his path to Lanka. He has to keep his goal in mind and yet, at the same time, he has to think quickly to overcome the hurdles. When Surasa opens her mouth wide to swallow him, Hanuman too keeps growing and then he suddenly shrinks and enters her mouth and exits in a matter of seconds and is safely on his way towards Lanka.

Hanuman meticulously searches Lanka for Sita. Hanuman proves himself an excellent emissary of Rama. The Sundara Kanda’s greatness lies in many things, including the fact that it shows us the greatness of Hanuman.

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