Maya explained

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that the Prakriti created by Him consists of three gunas — sattva, rajas and tamas — and the Lord says that our Prakriti sambandha — association with Prakriti — is the Maya that keeps us from knowing Him.

When the Lord talks of Maya, He does not mean the world is illusory, explained Valayapet Ramachariar in a discourse. For example, when Sita is described as ‘devamaya,’ it does not mean Sita is just an illusion and does not exist. What it means is that Sita is wonderful like devamaya. Prakriti too is ‘maya’ in this sense, in the sense of being the cause of wonderful deeds. But Prakriti also keeps us from knowing Him, because it leads us to think that the body and the atma are one. It gives us the idea that we need to propitiate many devatas in order to attain moksha.

The Lord’s divine sport keeps us from realising that He is the only means to liberation. The truth is that none can attain His feet through their efforts alone. In other words, He is the means to overcome Maya.

Saranagati (total surrender) is the only thing that will help us overcome Maya. And there are no qualifying criteria that define who may or may not resort to Saranagati. Everyone can and everyone will get the result of Saranagati.

We have many examples to show this. Vibhishana, a demon, and Kakasura, a demon who took the form of a crow, both surrendered to Lord Rama and were both accepted by the Lord. Draupadi called out to Him and was saved.

We are bound to Maya and can cross over only if He wills it. And Saranagati is our only means to achieve this.

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