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The dynamic process of an institution's growth is governed by its inherent strength to connect its legacy and heritage of the past, its achievements and accomplishments in the contemporary context and its resilience to face the challenges of the future. It is not sufficient that the management strives to realise this historical linkage to achieve its mission with the best efforts of faculty and present students. The role of the alumni provides the required balance in the array of stakeholders, as they are part of the legacy of the institution. They enthusiastically participate to support the academic programmes with their expertise and experience and to help in the development of infrastructure.

The association

The Madras Christian College Alumni Association started in 1891 by the legendary principal Dr. William Miller was then known as the College Day Association and this oldest alumni association in the country celebrated its Centenary in 1991. Dr. Miller had exhorted the alumni to play an active role to support their alma mater. Since then, the MCC Alumni Association has had a very close coordination with the college. Dr. Chandran Devenesan, the first Indian principal, opened a separate office for the Alumni and Public Relations in the mid-1960s.

Great bonding

The alumni of Madras Christian College have a unique emotional bonding with the Halls of Residence and the College. They have played an important role in building the International Guest House, the C.A. Abraham Cricket Pavillion, the Intercom System, the Braille and Video Library for the Visually Handicapped, helping to launch the highly popular “Deep Woods” event, planning to set up a management institute, Endowment of Scholarships and Prizes for the students, the list continues... Quite a number of our alumni have helped in the signing of MoUs with universities abroad.

In the 175th year of the college history, the Alumni Association has planned to establish a multi-purpose auditorium on the campus. Besides this, the Association has for the past 12 years, been holding the Annual Carol Concert in the city, every December and this has carved a niche for itself with music lovers and carol groups. At present, the Association has grown in terms of the number of Chapters, both in India and abroad; a number of networking groups of alumni have been holding batch-wise reunions on and off campus. A part of the 175th year celebration also includes a big reunion of alumni to be held in December 2012.

Illustrious alumni

It is a matter of great pride and honour that many of our alumni are outstanding government, Civil Service and Public Service personnel and also in the Private Corporate Sector; for example the first three Finance Ministers of Independent India, namely Sir R.K. Shanmugam Chetty, John Mathai and T.T. Krishnamachary; politicians like Prakash Karat, and Kishore Kumar Deo, in the current Tamil Nadu government, Dr. M. Sheela Priya, P. W. C. Davidar, A. Ramalingam, outstanding Economists like Dr. Malcolm S Adiseshiah, Dr. K.N. Raj, Dr. Raja Chellaiah, Dr. C.T. Kurien; Civil Servants such as T.N. Seshan, Jagathpathy, A.P. Venkateswanran, D.T. Joseph; industrialists like Suresh Krishna, K.M. Mammen Mappilai, K.M. Mathew and Dr. Prathap Reddy; media persons like Sashi Kumar, and CEOs like Indira Nooyi and Chandrika Tandon are a few of the students who have brought laurels to the college.

The alumni have continuously supported the college in terms of workshops, guest lectures, campus interviews and sponsorships. As MCC competes in the international arena partnering several universities overseas, with its faculty and student exchange programmes, continuing research, which is the gauge of its intellectual credibility, the Alumni Association will continue to be a pillar of support to the college in all its innovative initiatives.

K.M. Mammen

President, MCC Alumni Association

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