Women Power: Making it big in small scale business

She is a teacher who conducts classes for public sector enterprise, corporate companies and of course, schools and colleges. She also offers simple solutions to critical power problems. She has been doing this for nearly two decades now. Geetha Premkumar, director of Vector Indojanix Pvt Ltd., has a small team of diligent workers who turn her hard work to success. Through Vector, she has been providing sophiscated, practical and cost-effective solutions for all power-related issues.

Vector manufactures and markets UPS systems, stabilisers and other power-related electronic products. In addition to a wide range of products, starting from single-phase stabilisers to three-phase oil cooled stabilisers, simple line interactive systems to online three-phase UPS systems; the company has even entered the field of car inverters and has launched energy saving equipment from Korea.

Though it belongs to the Small and Medium Enterprise Sector (SME), Vector has in a big way contributed to a lot of projects of various companies through its committed after sale support and quality products. “Based on our commitment and quality, Vector Indojanix was ISO 9001 certified,” says the director.

Geetha Premkumar was given the ‘Best Women Entrepreneur Award' by the Tamil Nadu State Government. She was also given the ‘Best Entrepreneur Aaward' for the district of Chennai. “I owe my success to straightforward customer relations and quality products,” says Ms. Geetha.

Self-confidence, perseverance and the tendency to lend a helping hand to the under-privileged have made Geetha climb the ladder high.

Born in a lower-middle class family among six sisters, she owes her self-confidence to her father and her managing capacity to her mother. Having done her post graduation in History she began her career as a teacher in National Public School. She later joined a computer company as a PR executive. It was here her horizons widened. Shuttling between Bangalore and Chennai, the young executive learnt a lot about various electronic products. Her communication abilities grew and so did her confidence.

But the turning point came after she married her colleague Premkumar. As per the company's rules both could not continue in the same concern. This made her launch the company — Indo Janix Systems in 1990 with initial support from her husband. She started dealing with manufacture of power electronic products. With no business background or financial support for the first four to five years, she ran from pillar to post for loans. “Every step I took was careful and well thought of. It was my multi-tasking ability that helped me tide over various situations,” reminisices Geetha. But her efforts paid off and the company Vector Indo Janix Pvt Ltd began to shape up and show positive results from 1995.

Keeping her struggles in mind she decided to lend her hand to those who needed help. She gave employment to youngsters from down South and others who were visiting Chennai for employment for the first time. She chose those who had an aptitude to learn something and build a career for themselves. They were not only given technical training and motivation but also a fair salary along with perks. The company trained them in customer care, communication skills and documentation. Many worked with the company for two to three years and then moved on to start business on their own. Nearly 12 persons, who had been trained by her, are entrepreneurs now.

Geetha did not stop with this. She also began to conduct classes for public sector enterprise, corporate companies, schools and colleges. She gives guest lectures on subjects such as entrepreneurship, small business development and soft skill development.

Geetha is also associated with NGOs (H Craft and International Incad Foundation) that empower women. She is willing to help women who want to start something on their own. But there are some who do not sustain interest. “Only those who want to make a difference in the lives of others, who are capable of sensible hard work and take up dual roles should think of venturing into this field,” says Geetha. According to her, emotional values, being close to our roots, a right saving pattern and a good family environment will make a woman successful.

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