Problems at interior streets of Triplicane come to the fore

Parked vehicles eat away road space on Venkatachalam Naiken Street   | Photo Credit: K_V_Srinivasan

While the Mada streets of Triplicane are always in the spotlight, either drawing a crowd engaged in religious celebration or a contingent of civic officials out to investigate a complaint, the interior streets in the neighbourhood lie hidden and neglected. There are several interior streets in Triplicane where residents’ grievances over stubborn civic issues have not been redressed.

For instance, T.P Kovil Street 1st Lane, a 200 metre long road, has only three street lights. “The existing street lights are prone to frequent failure. Despite several representations to the authorities concerned, steps have not been taken to install more lights. Poor lighting poses a challenge to senior citizens,” says Andal, a resident of the street.

Residents allege poor street lighting has emboldened anti-social elements. They point out that four cases of chain-snatching incidents were reported from the street last year.

“Whenever such an incident happens, policemen are posted and the street is under constant vigil for several days. Once things return to normalcy, the policemen are relieved of their duty at the street. They are back when the next such incident happens. It’s cycling process that has been going on for a long time. Since we have a dog at home, we feel safe,” says N. Babu, a senior-citizen residing in the area.

Dumping of garbage seems to be the major problem on Swamy Street, near Triplicane market. Suresh, a resident of the street, says the trash bins placed on the street are not capacious enough to hold all the garbage generated there. As a result, people dump the waste on the road. “The fact that the bins are cleared twice a day does not help. In the evening, one can find the street corner filled with trash, which remains there uncleared for long. Moreover, motorists who pass through the street throw away waste in the open area causing nuisance to residents,” adds Suresh.

Residents’ response to the placing of bins is mixed. Some of them think having too many bins around would be an invitation to cattle. Stray cattle roaming freely across the locality is one of the problems faced by residents. Like T.P. Koil Street, this street suffers from poor lighting too.

“It’s the light from the apartments that illuminate the street,” says Banumathi, a senior citizen. 

On Chengalvarayan Street and S. M. V. Kovil Street, residents complain of pothole-ridden roads that make motoring a nightmarish experience.

“The roads are uneven and have remained that way for the last nine months. No effort has been made to level the roads,” says G. A. K. Chetty, a senior citizen.

On Venkatachalam Street 3rd Lane, residents park their vehicles on the road, further shrinking a narrow stretch.

“The drainage system frequently breaks down and sewage flows onto the road making it difficult for pedestrians,” says Padmanabhan, a resident.   

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