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Tarak Ratna  

Humble and soft spoken, yet exuding a lot of positive energy- that is the first impression one gets of Nandamuri Taraka Ratna. He's had a series of failures but an occasional Amaravathi Anasuya kept his hope floating in the Telugu movie industry. Looking happy and content on finishing Nandeeswarudu that is releasing on the December 29, Taraka Ratna says he's keeping his fingers crossed.

“A lot of people were concerned and even warned me that this could not be the right time for release. They also wondered why I had to choose a director who did not have a successful track record. They wanted me to pick someone who could guide me to success and have at least some good openings. I feel the important factor here is trust. I too don't have a successful film to boast of, this director Srinivas left all the offers he'd got and waited for me to take up this project. He is immensely talented and he had put in great effort in shaping this film as per my needs and satisfaction. About the release date, I guess if we are confident about our film there is no need to worry about competition.”

At one point in life, Taraka Ratna became of a butt of jokes for having nine of his films launched on the same day but none taking off successfully. He is aware of it but sees it with a philosophical and a mature outlook. He adds, “If at least one film had worked big time there wouldn't be this discussion. I don't waste my time delving about the past and worrying excessively over it. I let bygones be bygones and believe there is success waiting for me at the horizon. Balakrishna babai told me that the road to movies is like a highway, full of bumps and speedbreakers; It is upto us to drive carefully, patiently and eventually we will reach our goal. I follow him 100 percent.” Director Srinivas Yarajala heaps praise on Taraka Ratna and says “I would narrate the scene to be shot next day, the previous night to him and babu (Taraka Ratna) would come completely charged in that character's mood.

Before we began work he told me he would offer himself to be moulded the way I wanted to. The film is inspired from Deadly Soma and many senior artistes have lent solidity to the story. Just before the interval, Suman tells his son (Tarak Ratna) Nuvvu saashinche vadivi kavali kaani aasinchi vadivi avvakoodadhu (you should become the one who commands but not the one who expects) and the hero who is a student turns into a rough personality to protect an old woman and her family.”

The actor describes himself as a workaholic, a cool man who loses his temper once in a blue moon. He signs off, “I'm not looking forward to a great successful movie, my immediate goal is to see that my film gets a moderate success and I derive a lot of positive energy to do embark on my next film which will in all probability be with the same director.”

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