What the fish: Not a pro fish

Dimple Kapadia in a still from the film.

Dimple Kapadia in a still from the film.  

What all could happen in your house in your absence? Director Gurmeet Singh tries to discover through a belligerent Delhi aunty Sudha Mishra (Dimple Kapadia). With an obsession for cleanliness and a domineering attitude she seems crossed with the world. The only living beings that this irritable character, which is more of a caricature, cares for are her fish Mishti and her money plant. When she goes out of town for a month she gives the keys to Sumit (Sumit Puri), the fiance of her niece after taking the promise that he will take care of her prized possessions. From here on this quirky idea takes wings as the carefree attitude of Sumit ensures that aunty’s home gets a new set of house sitters every few minutes.

It starts with an innocent looking runaway couple. Soon we have a lecherous property dealer (Manu Rishi) desperate for a one night stand followed by a boxer who is grappling with his true identity. Then there is a female boxer from Manipur in love with a Haryanvi henchman. As expected, eventually, the house is reduced to a mess. In between, each of them has to rush to a fish store run by a shrewd boy (Manjot Singh) to find a ‘new’ Mishti. And then there is a witch angle as well!

But the flight doesn’t take you anywhere. Singh has taken a non linear route to tell the story to keep pace and maintain interest in the story but the problem is we can see through his trick. There is obvious lack of substance to sustain interest. The visits to the fish store get repetitive. Of course, there are moments and performances which strike a chord like Anand Tiwari as the boy who leaves his girlfriend in the care of a property dealer friend is top rate as Singh exploits the small town girl eager to be cheated template. Rishi is reliable as ever in a Delhi setting. So is the twist in the boxer’s punch and the funny stereotypes built around the North Eastern family. The Haryanvi tone to generate humour is no longer a novelty.

Dimple has done what she has been asked to. She holds the single note. As a loud and cantankerous divorcee she deserves little empathy despite a believable back story.

Nevertheless, at 110 minutes, it is a safe recipe for a few easy laughs.

Genre: Comedy

Cast: Dimple Kapadia, Anand Tiwari, Manu Rishi, Sumit Puri

Plot: When the stern aunty goes out of town, her house becomes a centre of fun, frolic and more.

Bottom line: This fish requires a lot more frying on the desk!

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