Jai Sriram: A clichéd story

A still from Jai Sriram  

There are two ways to select films, one you pick stories you like and the other pick those that suit you. The former is of no use except proving one’s taste, if such roles don’t appeal, the audience will quickly give a fitting reply. Uday Kiran chooses a story he likes in Jai Sriram. Instead of moulding the character according to his personality, he struggles to mould himself to the role. In this movie, Sriram is a serial killer on his way to Goa to kill the next target. At the same time, Reshma escapes from a marriage she doesn’t like and travels to Goa to marry a man of her choice. She gets into a problem but Sriram helps her reach her man. The twist that arrives before the break is Reshma’s fiancé is actually Sriram’s intended victim. The rest of the story reveals who Sriram is and why he intends to kill Reshma’s lover and on whose instructions he’s killing people.

There is neither novelty in the story nor anything offbeat in the character. It is a revenge drama directed ordinarily by director Balaji N. Sai. The director fails in showing the strengths of all characters including the hero’s. There is no story in the first half. In the midst of the murders committed by Sriram, the director brings in Reshma’s love story.

Uday Kiran gets a crew cut, goes without make up, doesn’t speak anything or express anything, all for an action image. He hardly speaks a word in the first half as if he is on mouna vratham for a hit. He speaks a lot in the second half but they don’t appeal. He might have worked on his body but that didn’t help him look like a cop. In fact, he looks like a kid dressed in a police uniform for some fancy dress competition.

There are loopholes too. On one occasion, Sriram and Reshma are travelling in a service auto; a fellow traveller who sits beside Reshma touches her intentionally and Sriram breaks his arm. In the next scene, Sriram does a ditto, but the heroine seems to be enjoying it as Sriram gives a wry smile. If the content is strong, there is every possibility that people can forget the loopholes. Sriram,Also, someone dubbed for actor Banerjee. Now Banerjee’s strength is his voice; so why strip him of that quality?

Gautam Raju as a villain is terrible. Reshma wasn’t used properly at all and she looks miscast. Fish Venkat dancing to filmi tunes is a take off from a recent blockbuster. The worst is showing the portraits of NTR and Shoban Babu and making characters address them as grandfather and father. Result: instead of connecting sentimentally, the audience breaks into wild laughter. Chanting Jai Sriram could possibly soothe frayed nerves.

Cast: Uday Kiran, Reshma

Director: Balaji N Sai

Music: Daake

Genre: Revenge

Plot: Cop takes revenge when his family is killed

Bottomline: Hero breaking a wall with a tongue cleaner

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