Badmashiyaan: Can you handle never-ending fun?


They lost us at the title. When a film is called Fun Never Ends — Badmashiyaan, you are not exactly expecting to laugh your guts out venturing into the hall.

Yet, a few minutes into the film, the title feels like a threat. What if you find yourself in a never-ending limbo where the film keeps going no matter how many jokes stumble, slip on a banana peel (or candy in this case) and fall completely flat.

Genre: Comedy
Director: Amit Khanna
Cast: Sharib Hashmi, Sidhant Gupta, Suzanna Mukherjee, Gunjan Malhotra, Karan Mehra
Storyline:A café owner, his con girlfriend, her new lover, a private investigator and a girl next door all find their destinies interlinked
While the performers look earnest, they are all a little raw (except for maybe Sharib Hashmi from Filmistan) with their comic timing, completely let down by lines that feel like they were written hurriedly minutes before a first-draft deadline.

Badmashiyaan isn’t entirely unwatchable. In fact, it does have an interesting non-linear structure where we see the same incidents through the eyes of different characters. But lines such as “Us din maine realise kiya ki topless hona heartless hone se zyaada embarrassing hota hai” (That day I realised being topless is more embarrassing than being heartless) are going to sound stupid no matter who delivers them.

It’s a film you might not mind watching on TV because you have the option to go out, get coffee with friends, and then come back to catch the rest of it without missing much. In fact, it might be fun discovering bits and pieces of this film through multiple re-runs, little by little, rather than be subjected to it in one marathon sitting.

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