Audio Beat: Jigarthanda - Fusion, folk, rap and more

At the audio launch of Jigarthanda  

What it is about…

Featuring Siddharth and Lakshmi Menon in the lead, Jigarthanda is a gangster drama set in Madurai. Produced by S. Kathiresan and written and directed by Karthik Subbaraj, the film has music by Santhosh Narayanan. The audio was released in the presence of producer S. Thanu and director Bharathiraja.

What they say…

Producer S. Kathiresan: My 5 Star Audio launched the audio of around 160 films. I later ventured into film production and produced Pollathavan, Adukalam, Naiyandi and now Jigarthanda.

Director Karthik Subbaraj: I did 14 short films, six of which for the Nalaya Iyakkunar show on Kalaignar TV. Jigarthanda was supposed to be my first feature. When I showed the Jigarthanda script, some of the producers were hesitant to back it as they felt that it would be an expensive project. So I kept it aside and made the small-budget Pizza which went on to become a hit and now Jigarthanda is ready. Everybody has done a wonderful job in it.

Hero Siddharth: This year I have done some wonderful films in Tamil and one of them is Jigarthanda. The instant I read the script I got hooked on it. In fact, I wanted to produce the movie myself. Karthik was very clear about what he wanted from us. Jigarthanda is interesting with arresting visuals and beautiful songs.

Music director Santhosh Narayanan: If it was live recording in my last movie Cuckoo, it is electronic recording in Jigarthanda. I was in Sydney, Australia for nearly two months and recorded almost all the songs there. The musicians would be in Chennai, Mumbai or elsewhere, but I would be in the Sydney studio, recording the songs.

Music Highlights: There are nine numbers in the album. ‘Dhesaiyum Ezhandheney’ written by Pradeep Kumar and sung by Meenakshi Iyer and the composer, is a beautiful melody. Little wonder then if this track finds its way to your favourites list. ‘Kannamma’ is written by Muthamil and sung by Rita and Antony Dasan. Rita is one of the promising voices in the Tamil folk circuit and this song is an electro Tamil fusion number. ‘Ding Dong’ is a gangster style rap number, which has English rap by Mose and Tamil rap by Arun Raja. ‘Pandi Nattu Kodi’ is written and sung by Antony Dasan and performed by Selva Band. The oppari by Karuvayan in the track strikes a sombre note. ‘Baby’ is a whacky song written by Muthamil and sung by the music director. ‘Jigar’ is a gibberish track with an electro soul sound written and sung by Pradeep Kumar. ‘Thanda’ is an instrumental version and ‘Hoo Haa,’ sung by Sean Roldan and the composer, has some delightful whistling. ‘Ottam,’ the last track on the album, showcases Santy’s Jazz Band’s prowess.

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