Action 3D: The (terrible) hangover

Raju Sundaram, Allari Naresh, Shyam and Vaibhav in 'Action 3D'  

The title Action 3D can be misleading since all we get is comedy, never mind that the gags are inane. We don’t know if the makers of Action 3D, at some point, asked themselves why they wanted to make the film in 3D. This is not science fiction, not a superhero film or an action film with visual effects that lends itself beautifully to be watched in the third dimension.

Here’s a sample of a few things we got to watch in 3D:

1. A large swarm of crows (or murder of crows would be the appropriate usage) avenge an insult meted out to a crow by pooping all at once on Allari Naresh, Raju Sundaram, Vaibhav and Shyam. For the greater good, let’s not even compare this with Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds.

2. In a random cat-and-mouse chase through the gullies of the city, eggs are hurled at each other. Of course, many of them seem to fly in our direction thanks to 3D.

3. The film has half a dozen songs, one among them singing paeans to Raghavendra Rao’s style of filmmaking with colourful fruits hurled on the heroine. If this isn’t enough, there’s also a mandatory rain song.

4. Vaibhav dresses up as a female gorilla only to be wooed and kissed by a real, male gorilla.

5. To top it all, a baby’s soiled diaper flies around in 3D.

To string such incidents together, there’s an apology of a story ripped off from The Hangover (2009). The four protagonists — Allari Naresh, Shyam, Vaibhav and Raju Sundaram — are off to Goa to celebrate Shyam’s bachelor party. The guys get thoroughly drunk one night and wake up in their messy room that now has a tiger in the bathroom and a baby in the pram. Worse still, one among the friends goes missing. The trio struggle to pick up the threads, not remembering anything of the past night.

A poorly written script packs in a whole lot of characters. Ali, Brahmanandam and M.S. Narayana have been roped in to be part of a few annoying, supposedly laugh-inducing sequences. Sunil and Posani are the sutradhars. Sudeep and Kamna Jethmalani make special appearances and the film has plenty of references to super hits of Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan.

Watch this only if your idea of having fun is watching crude humour on 3D.


Cast: Allari Naresh, Shyam, Vaibhav and Raju Sundaram

Direction: Anil Sunkara

Music: Bappa Lahiri

Story line: Four guys head to Goa for a bachelor’s party, wake up with a huge hangover and realise things have gone awry.

Bottom line: It would be an ordeal to watch it on 2D, forget 3D. Avoidable.

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