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Wish You happy BreakUp: Writing carries the day

Poster of ' Wish You Happy Breakup'  

In this digital era, putting up one’s emotional status on WhatsApp and Facebook is a fad and people have no qualms displaying their feelings to the world. It’s also a generationthat doesn’t waste time when jilted in love. This independent film tells youth how to deal with a break up, rather than hurting oneself. This film is a celebration of those who have been dropped after the initial fascination has faded.

The film boasts of a number of talented newcomers, who have done a wonderful job despite lack of screen presence. The writing, replete with humorous and colloquial repartee keeps the audience engaged even when you wonder what else is left to be covered. The movie has an oft-repeated bias in showing men as victims and women as chaalu opportunists who use and discard their boyfriends for a more moneyed person. What makes this film different is that there is no high drama, the director drives us straight to the point but with minute detailing of the state of mind of jilted lovers.

As per the plot, a group of bachelors share a pad, all termed as losers by their ex-girlfriends. They had been discarded for not finding a job, growing bald or obese. The sole character shown to be a flirt is cornered towards the climax.

Naresh (Udai Kiran) attempts suicide after being ditched. The sensitive young man who wanted to be a filmmaker is forever wallowing in self pity and is unable to come to terms with the break-up. The suicidal tendency keeps coming up till he bumps into Tejaswi, a bindaas girl who throws a break-up party to celebrate; her boyfriend who dated her dumps her after 14 years for simply growing over her. How she gives Naresh gyan, goads him into valuing his self and becomes instrumental in accomplishing his dream movie is the crux of the story.

From day one after the break up, each day of Naresh’s , what all he goes through is all covered swiftly. It’s a laugh riot, and the writing is the strength of the film. All the characters have added an element of freshness and actors have done a commendable job. Technically good, the background score is perfect, this director is one to watch out for. This is another small budget story that deserves a watch.

Film: Wish You Happy Break-Up

Cast: Tejaswi, Swetaa Verma, Udai Kiran

Direction: Kiran Rao

Plot: A Youtube video before suicide changes a man’s life

Rating: 3/5

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