Here comes the Creator

Rajendra Prasad in the film 'Brahmalokam'.   | Photo Credit: by arrangement

What if the creator creates trouble to his creations, a tongue twister that stays true to Rajendra Prasad brand of comedy? Well, that's what the ace actor, often branded as a comedy hero (he even received an honorary doctorate from Andhra University for such versatile acting) is doing in Lucky Media's Brahmalokam to Yamalokam with a subtitle 'via Bhoolokam', a socio fantasy produced by Bekkem Venugopal and Rupesh D. Gohil.

A fabulous set representing Brahmaloka as conceived by director Gollapati Nageswara Rao in his script was erected at at Ramanaidu Studios, Nanakramguda. Rajendra Prasad donning the role of Lord Brahma listens attentively as the director explains the scene to him while cinematographer Vasu checks the lighting. Kalyani, who plays Saraswati, sits to his left. Though the dialogue are not audible from a distance where we parked ourselves, one can derive from their gesticulations that the Goddess of Knowledge and the Creator of Universe are having a tiff like mortal couples. The shot done after a couple of retakes, Rajendra Prasad turns towards the east and addresses Narada. Unlike other Gods, Brahma has four heads and in a first-of-its-kind in Indian cinema, producers say “all these four heads are shown live.”

During the break, Rajendra Prasad explains, “Till now, we have seen the Brahma character on screen or in plays with one original and three dummy heads. Now the audience will have a thrilling experience of watching all the four heads live and in action. Of course it is physically strenuous for me as you have seen I have to sit over an hour in the same posture in each direction while the shots are taken. For example, Saraswati sits on my left, so while talking to her I have to sit on the left side and addressing Narada, I have to sit in another direction. If Narada says something interesting, one head will pass it on to the next head which will respond. It will be a treat to watch all this done at the same time, on the big screen.” Over an hour of computer graphics work is also part of the grand venture, chips in the director.

The tiff between the celestial couple had its spell on two ordinary mortals on earth — Sivaji and Sonia, the other lead pair. “Only Brahma can solve that,” smiles Rajendra Prasad. And how he does that is revealed as the story progresses by bringing in laughter. Aarti Agarwal dons the role of celestial beauty Rambha.

“You know Brahma's four heads represent the four corners of Universe — North, East, West and South. That's how the word News has come into existence,” Rajendra Prasad guffaws. He says that he is deriving more job satisfaction now as he is getting meaningful offers. “Now our writers and directors are coming up with new ideas and characters. The audiences are receptive to new concepts. Even top banners are ready to experiment and a couple of such offers are also on my way,” he said excitedly.

Presented by Utopia Productions (P) Ltd, the filming of Brahmalokam… except two songs composed by M.M. Srilekha. The movie will release this summer.

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