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GOING BEYOND COMPARISONS Abhishek Bachchan: ‘I am who I am’

GOING BEYOND COMPARISONS Abhishek Bachchan: ‘I am who I am’  

He’s an entertainer all the way. Abhishek Bachchan’s dialogues off-screen drip sarcasm, wit, and therefore a high cool quotient, thinks Bhumika K. What really makes it work, though, is the thousand-watt smile he packs in

He’s young. He’s hot. He’s constantly being watched and critiqued. And he knows it all for sure. That’s what makes Abhishek Bachchan the devilish darling that he is — a complete charmer, with all the old-world graces and manners, a generous dose of off-the-cuff razor-sharp wit and dry sarcasm, and a smart alecky attitude to boot.

Brand ambassador of Omega watches, Abhishek Bachchan was in Bangalore to launch a diver’s delight — the Omega Seamaster Plofprof, and a new boutique store of the brand at UB City. Making a very filmi entry onto the stage amidst red smoky lights and the constant glitter of camera flashes wearing a black leather jacket, black slacks and black pointy shoes, Abhishek dived right into his business of brand talk. The short and abrupt volley of questions that came next from the paparazzi saw Abhishek at his terse best:

How many watches do you own? “I was once told that it’s bad luck to count your watches.” Isn’t it ironic that you are one hour late for a watch launch? “Am I? I’m not. I was here the moment the organisers asked me to. What time did they ask you to come? You should ask them…”

Are you a party person? “Am I a party person? Hmmm…in what sense? That question can be misconstrued. Because today a ‘party person’ has many meanings.” Laughs at his joke. And then adds that he really doesn’t have the time for partying.

What look does your wife like? Clean-shaven or stubble? “What do you like?” Happy with the laughter he elicits, Abhishek continues: “Ask her…I hope she likes them all. We actors can’t really dictate our look…it’s in keeping with the need of the film.”

What’s up your sleeve next? “What’s up my sleeve?” Looks up his jacket sleeve and says “Let’s see…my Omega, another watch on this hand, and a few holy threads. Yeah…I finish ‘Raavan’ by end-October and then move on to other projects.”

So when are you going to be a dad? “Aaah…what an original question!” After a pause for the laughter to die down, “It’s not something I’m going to be able to hide, is it? So, you’ll get to know when it happens.”

Later, at a quick tete-a-tete with MetroPlus, Abhishek is all courteous and gentlemanly, rising from the sofa and waiting till I sit down (men still do that?).

Are you satisfied with the kind of roles you are doing? “Most definitely. Otherwise I wouldn’t be doing them.”

Any role that you would like to do? “I’ve never been able to answer that one. Anything that’s creatively challenging, I guess.”

Do you fear competition? “No. You should embrace competition. It pushes you to do better. It’s healthy to have competition.” Is competition really healthy in Bollywood? “Most definitely healthy.”

Do you get tired of comparisons? “No. It has never been an issue with me. I am who I am. I am the son of two famous actors and I am going to be compared with them…who better can you hope to be compared with?”

You’re the “what an idea sir-jee” man. What’s been your greatest idea yet? “I have no idea.” Grins. “There’s your quote!”

Are watches still a big style statement in an age when people are showing off so much else, like mobiles? “Yes, watches have transcended being a mere timepiece. They are more a style statement now than ever before.”

You guys always stick around each other and make a public appearance together as a “family” at all events. Why? (Very unhappy with the question) “You say it like it's a bad thing. The rest of the world goes out with their family. We are a normal middle class family. We all four work independently and work tends to take us away from each other, so when we do have an opportunity, we go out together. Don’t you go out with your family? (I nod). So do I. I’ve been asked this question many times and I don’t understand it.”

With who do you share better on-screen chemistry? Dad or Aishwarya? “That’s the best part. I don’t need to rate the chemistry. You people rate the chemistry. I don’t need to pass judgement on myself. People have enjoyed seeing me together with my father as well as with my wife. And I don’t want to ruffle that.”

What’s been your association with Bangalore? “I haven’t been here for almost a year. But as kids we spent a lot of time here when dad was shooting. I was here later to shoot for ‘Om Jai Jagadish’ and ‘Phir Milenge’. Bangalore has always been warm in attitude and cool in climate. It’s a fun city. I’ve managed to go about quite a bit; whether it’s to eat out, or sightseeing, or just for a drive.”

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