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Tame end to ambitious start: Neevevaro

Aadhi Pinisetty and Taapsee Pannu  

Film: Neevevaro

Cast: Aadi Pinisetty, Tapsee, Rithika

Direction: Harinath

Plot: A blind chef’s hunt for his girlfriend

Neevevaro sounds an apt and interesting title for an investigative thriller but the film has a bit of everything for all sections of the audience.

It begins with a visually impaired chef Kalyan (Aadi Pinisetty) whipping up amazing stuff for diners at his restaurant. When his childhood friend Anu (Rithika Singh) who helps to popularise him decides to marry him, his parents insist he marry her. He agrees, albeit hesitatingly, as he thinks what she feels for him is nothing more than sympathy. At this juncture enters Vennela (Tapsee) and they seem to fallin love, at least he does. Then she suddenly vanishes, only to reappear in the latter half of the story. Meanwhile Kalyan regains his sight and Anu calls off their engagement as he makes it obvious that his priority and focus is on Vennela.

The first half of the film is a love triangle and post-interval it navigates through twists and turns to end up a whodunit. Exploring the character of Vennela, the film could appeal to those who like thrillers with a strong female lead. It’s the screenplay here that plays spoilsport. A high dose of predictability and a slow narration leads the tale to its denouement.

A differently-abled person knocking down more than a dozen people who are trying to snatch his money, with his staff always makes for an interesting spectacle. When the audience is accepting of the hero’s disability, wonder why he wants his sight back! The hero who was a super human when blind, starts depending on a couple of comedians and his ex-fiancé to solve the puzzle and also gets assaulted with he gains his vision. You care less for him then and the focus meanders to Vennela.

Among all characters, only Tapsee’s is well etched. Tulasi mixing drinks for her hubby and neighbour looks contrived, exaggerated. Saptagiri and Vennela Kishore’s portion looks superficial, like a childish diversion. The visuals by Sai Sreeram are spectacular, music and editing are a let down. This is a remake of a Tamil film Adhe Kangal. Aadi Pinisetty who looks and sounds self assured when blind becomes a persona non grata after he regains his sight in the second half of the story. The slow pace kills our patience.

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