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A still from ‘The Lion King’

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Cinema quiz: The Lion King is back!


A file photo of lead singer Jon Bon Jovi performing on stage.

1. How is this person connected to The Lion King?

1. Which of the three hyenas does Whoopi Goldberg voice in the movie?

1. Which of the following characters from the movie is not native to Sub-Saharan Africa?

1. Elton John received an Oscar for which song from the movie?

1. In the animated version of the film, his claws are seen displayed throughout the movie, unlike other lions. Who is he?

1. While it's known that Hamlet inspired The Lion King, which other work of fiction is a source for the film?

1. The Lion King was the highest grossing animated movie of all time till 2010. Which film beat this record?

1. The famous song The Lion Sleeps Tonight has the phrase Hakuna MaTata. What does that phrase mean?

1. What are Mufasa's last words?

Filmi Fundas |

Cinema quiz: The Lion King is back!

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