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Achari America Yatra: Amateurish effort at comedy

Pragya Jaiswal and Vishnu Manchu

Pragya Jaiswal and Vishnu Manchu  


This Vishnu Manchu and Brahmanandam starrer doesn’t impress

If Brahmanandam is playing a title role and the film is helmed by a director who knows comedy, plus there are lead actors who are reasonably talented and charming, why wouldn’t anyone be tricked into watching it? When making a film about a priest who is crossing the seven seas for the first time, the makers should have done their homework well. The star comedian who has played similar roles umpteen times should go with a script far better than Adurs.

The film is a letdown after the first few minutes and as it is inching towards the climax, you badly crave for an energy drip. Krishnamachari (Vishnu) works in Brahmanandam’s team and as they perform a homam at a house, the holy smoke that emanates from it chokes the old man in the family to death. The team escapes to America to escape Renuka’s (Pragya) uncle (Pradeep Rawat) who wants to finish them off. Their woes don’t end there.

The film shows us how the comedy genre shouldn’t be dealt with. While the love track is a saving deviation, the writers display their bankruptcy of ideas in every frame. Right from Mohan Babu’s days we have seen the hero accidentally glancing at a nude heroine and falling inlove with her, here Vishnu does a ditto.

EVV Satyanarayana had taken a team of comedians abroad aeons back and the way they react at the beaches is far more hilarious than what we are seeing a decade later. Brahmanandam’s antics from the airport to the beaches don’t draw a smile and Prudhvi who comes in the later half of the story attempts to salvage the poorly written script but it backfires.

The sub plot involving Krishnamachari and Renuka’s desire to immerse her grandfather’s ashes that are held captive by her cousin in America. Nageshwar Reddy had the premise with scope to be developed further, but Achari America Yatra is a lazy effort at whipping up some laughs.

Vishnu dances well and tries his best to be an upstanding young man to his lady love, Pragya looks pretty and does what she can with the role given to her. This lightweight stuff is senseless but runs on what little life the actors give to the proceedings. Nobody really bothers about what the film has to offer after the story unfolds.

Achari America Yatra

Cast: Vishnu Manchu, Pragya Jaiswal, Brahmanandam

Director: Nageshwar Reddy

Plot: Hero cons guru into a trip to the US to meet his lady love.

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