lokniti ldf scams

image/svg+xml Table 5: Scams Note: Figures are percentages and may not total 100 due to rounding. | Source: Lokniti-CSDS Post Poll Survey in Kerala during the 2021 assembly elections Corruption and impropriety accusations Genuine False Not sure/Not heard of this/No response Charges against KIIFB ofcials of violating the Foreign Exchange Act 28 22 50 Charges against Pinarayi in the gold smuggling-foreign currency case 32 27 41 Charges against LDF ministers in the gold smuggling-foreign currency case 34 24 43 Charges of kickbacks to employees of the LIFE Mission housing scheme 32 21 47 Charges of compromising COVID-19 patient’s privacy in deal with U.S. frm Sprinklr 30 20 50 Charges of non-transparency in the deep sea fshing deal with a U.S. frm 29 20 51