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Prepare for the Endgame: JEE Advanced 2019 exam

With the Advanced tests just few days away, take some cues from the Super heroes of The Avengers to get through the final stretch

The JEE Advanced 2019 exam date has been moved by a week from May 19 to May 27. As the aspirants have completed registering for the JEE Advanced examination, congratulations are in order for the same. You are in the endgame now.

Revise like Captain America

Be the never yielding person when it comes to revision. You could be strong in several areas, but make sure that you revise through all the smaller ‘not so interesting for you’ concepts also. Remember all three subjects are represented in JEE equally, but areas such asinorganic chemistry, algebra, general physics pay-off well with little investment of your time. Questions involving multiple concepts are common, so ensuring that you have covered the syllabus as a whole, will surely earn you Mjolnir.

Knowledgeable like the new Hulk

Online or not, the exam retains its challenge and charm as a tough exam, mainly due to its varied types of objective questions. Go through past papers to know all the different types of questions that have come earlier. Keep in mind the importance of partial scoring and negative marking. This will also help you realise that every paper is solvable. So go ahead, be smart and smash through.

Visualise like Iron Man

You have come a long way from solving simple equations to understanding complex concept ideas. What better way than visual representation to help you reach the answer faster? So, do not miss out on visual ideas — graphs of functions, free body diagrams, graphs of motion, reaction mechanisms, resonance diagrams, and so on. A small diagram will help you see the problem in a different perspective in a more effective manner, and you will be able to reduce the time spent on it. Learn to save time.

Choose like Dr. Strange

Be wise, consider the question first and then choose which ones you answer. Every year, the paper has questions that are easy or of moderate difficulty; easy questions involve direct application of formulas and moderate-level questions need more elaborate solving (can include other related concepts also). This means there is a substantial quantum of marks to be scored without even attempting the difficult questions. The trick to score well is to not get stuck with questions, and choose right.

Get rid of your dilemmas like Thor

You might have lost focus earlier, felt de-motivated, or had low scores. But now is the time to keep it all out of your way and make use of the precious time available with you. Remember, the exam date has moved further. So, instead of beating yourself up, go and attempt few online tests. In many ways, online exams help you to focus better — you see only one question on screen at a time, you avoid mistakes in marking answers on the ORS, you can change your answers or keep away questions for review with ease. Leave your dilemmas behind, get equipped.

Make your second chance (paper) count as Spider Man

Learn to have a self assessment after each exam. After paper 1, you have a second paper to make amends and support your performance (since both have physics, chemistry and math), i.e. if you could not attempt one subject to your expectation, you can decide to spend a little more time on the same in paper 2 and improve on it. It is better to have self assessment and not discuss paper 1 with friends. Make the second chance count.

Be calm, but ready, like Captain Marvel

Keeping your cool during your preparation, and in the exam hall, is a major plus. Along with your revision and paper solving, keep yourself fit to sit through the six-hour grind — engage in light physical activity for an hour everyday — this will relax and refurbish you with the required mental energy. Hydrate well and eat healthy with well balanced meals — this will keep you alert and ready for action. You are your core strength, believe in yourself.

JEE Advanced – the Endgame is challenging, but it has enough stones available for you to get to your greater future.

The author is the HOD, JEE and NEET Courses at T.I.M.E. Pvt. Ltd.

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