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I’m a 20-year-old studying for the UPSC. My problem is that my parents sometimes say things that seem relevant from their perspective. I am not always able to take what they say or ignore it. This leads to me getting distracted and having panic attacks. How do I deal with this? – Shruti

Dear Shruti,

Welcome to a ‘generation gap’. I understand it is rather tough to understand, comprehend, appreciate, value, welcome, and ignore what our parents say to us. Know that they feel the same too; in fact a little more displaced when their little one is all grown up, independent and doesn’t want to pay heed and attention to what they have to say and share. It is a process of letting go, one that is hard for parents and their child. One thing that might help is to perhaps give them the benefit of the doubt. ‘Why’ are they saying what they are saying? Hear them out and you can still ‘agree to disagree’. Also, I believe open, honest, two-way communication will help them understand what you are going through especially your panic attacks and mental health. Bare yourself and tell them exactly what you feel and experience without accusing them. If this doesn’t work, please meet a family counsellor for a family session. They will help moderate this for you.

I am a Class XII student with Humanities subjects. What are my future options apart from the Civil Services? – Priyansh

Dear Priyansh,

There are so many great options and opportunities today for students who take Humanities in Class XII. You can branch into specific courses of your interest, as a pure major or a double major or even join a liberal arts course for your undergrad. Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, English literature, Political Science, History, Art, Education... each allows various lucrative choices and, depending on your core interest, you can further your education in that specific stream. You can choose law, mass communication, media and journalism, clinical psychology, sports, fashion designing, hotel management, event management, MBA, teaching, yoga and nutrition, career counselling, a foreign language course and so on. Identify what excites you long-term to become a fulfilling career choice.

My sister is in Class XII but doesn’t know what her interests are or what course she wants to pursue. How can we help her? – Anamika

Dear Anamika,

Speak to her and get an understanding of what she likes academically and what she wants to be when she is grown up, and subjects that she completely enjoys and detests. Her interests can be further identified through a detailed subjective career profiling that will help her understand herself much better. It will identify her strengths, likes, dislikes, skills, attitude, values and personality attributes. A detailed aptitude test (nine cognitive tests) will also help. She needs to be minimum of 14 years, though, to take this aptitude test.

I am in the final semester of my undergraduate degree in Life Science. What do I need to do to become a medical coder?

Medical coding is an upcoming, in-demand field in Healthcare Administration. To pursue it, you must have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, preferably from Life Science background. You must also have analytical ability to read and analyse medical records and patient details using the right codes for the billing procedure — something you will learn on the job.

Disclaimer: This column provides advice, guidance and suggestions. It is a guiding voice from a practising counsellor and not a substitute for therapy.

The writer is a practising counsellor and a trainer. Send your questions to with the subject line ‘Off the edge’.

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