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Be it school or college, the key to a fruitful educational experience is when students can maintain a perfect balance between their academics and co-curricular activities. Participating in such activities helps them improve their communication, management, time, and crisis management skills.

In a highly competitive world, students face pressure to perform better and be an all-rounder. There is also constant demand from parents and teachers. Participating in different forums/clubs like debate, sports, theatre, student government, music are an essential part of student life. Here are a few tips to maintain a balance between academics, social life, and co-curricular activities.

Prioritise: Extracurricular activities play a huge role in shaping a student’s perspective and personality, but academics are equally important. So the student should choose those activities that he/she is interested in and not join all indiscriminately.

Time management: Create a schedule and mark all important tasks including assignment deadlines and submissions. This should also have participation in co-curricular activities and time to unwind and relax.

Healthy lifestyle: To effectively balance co-curricular activities and academics, a healthy lifestyle is essential. Ensure you get enough sleep as it refreshes you and increases capacity to think. A proper diet is another important factor.

Take a break: This will help keep you fresh and concentrate better, whether on studies or other activities. However, don’t spend the break on social media. While it is not necessary to cut oneself off from social media platforms, don’t overdo it either.

Get some guidance: Seek help from a teacher, parents or senior on pursuing other activities without compromising on academic goals.

The writer is Principal, Jain College, V V Puram, Bangalore

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