Happy birthday, Pocket monsters!

Here’s celebrating some important friends — some furry, some fiery, yet all of them, absolutely popular...

They are cute, and deceptively powerful. They can protect you from harm, but can also wreak havoc and destruction, depending on who they belong to. From a little mouse that can go from cuddly to furious within moments, crying “Pi...kaaa”, to an adorable turtle than can intimidate enemies by spraying water with great force, from its mouth, they come in all shapes and sizes.

It is time to celebrate an integral part of your childhood — Pokémon. February 27 is Pokémon Day. The original Japanese release of the Pokémon red and green version, the first Pokémon or pocket monsters games were released in Japan on February 27, 1996.

From the much-loved anime series, trading cards to video games and more, the Pokemon franchise has mushroomed into a world of its own.


Happy birthday, Pocket monsters!

“Pokémon”, also known as Pokémon the Series, is an anime TV series based on the video game series. It was originally broadcast on TV Tokyo in 1997. It follows the quest of the protagonist, Ash Ketchum, who after turning 10, starts his journey in the world of Pokémon, and dreams of becoming a master. Together with his favourite — Pikachu, and fellow trainers Misty and Brock, who he befriends during his quest, the trio fight Team Rocket’s Jessie and James, who are a part of the crime syndicate that is forever looking to exploit Pokémon to achieve their goal of world domination.

Happy birthday, Pocket monsters!
Pikachu is the most popular Pokémon. A short, chubby rodent, it is known for its lightening bolt-shaped tail. It communicates using squeaks and tail-shakes. Electricity can be used to receive and send messages with each others of its kind. Pikachu charges itself while sleeping overnight, though stress and a lack of sleep can affect this. It is able to release electric discharges of varying intensity.

Know your characters:

Brock: He often acts like a father figure to the friends he travels with. In some ways, Brock is Ash’s best and favourite friend, and vice versa. He guides Ash and keeps him safe. They often team up to beat Team Rocket and other opponents. Ash and Brock are extremely close, much like Ash and Pikachu.

Misty: Almost always seen in the company of Ash and Brock, who she befriends on her quest for Pokémon, Misty is ambitious and smart, but also quick to take her chances when she can. Her determination, fiesty energy and can-do attitude make her a force to reckon with. Her resourcefulness has helped in times of adversity.

Jessie and James: The two are a part of Team Rocket. On orders of their boss Giovanni, and their talking Meowth (an equally evil Pokémon to aid them in their evil machinations), they constantly try to outwit Ash, Brock, Misty and their Pokémon, only to be bested by them. From being electrocuted by Pikachu to splashed by Squirtle, the evil pair ironically provides comic relief, throughout the series.

Who’s who of the Poke-verse

Happy birthday, Pocket monsters!
Jigglypuff: This tiny pink ball of sass is an adorable, blue-eyed fluffball and it uses its eyes to mesmerise opponents, after which it inflates its lungs and begins to sing a lullaby.

Happy birthday, Pocket monsters!
Mew: Pink with mammalian features, Mew shows signs of intelligence, curiosity, playfulness, and even selflessness. It is adaptable, can travel freely in air or underwater.

Happy birthday, Pocket monsters!
Mewtwo: It was created after years of horrific gene splicing and DNA engineering experiments, based on Mew. Supposed to be the most savage among all Pokémon, it lacks compassion, and strikes fear into its enemy with cold, glowing eyes. However, it was speculated that part of its savagery was due to fear. As it was engineered to be the ultimate in battle, it can only think of defeating its foes.

Happy birthday, Pocket monsters!
Charizard: It flies in search of powerful opponents to battle, and its fire will burn hotter with the experience it gains. Its fiery breath is capable of melting boulders, glaciers, and has been known to accidentally cause forest fires.

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