‘By 2030, CVs will be out and tech will play matchmaker’

By the year 2030, CVs (curriculum vitae) will be passe, as there will be numerous apps and tools capable of match-making for jobs.

Recent advances in deep-tech learning are making it possible for powerful algorithms to identify skills and capabilities that are not explicitly described on a resume. That means technologies that are emerging today already make it possible to more aptly match the right work to the right person regardless of their gender, age or geographic location.

A recent study by Dell Technologies, in partnership with the California-based, Institute for the Future (IFTF), explored how collaborative artificial intelligence, multi-modal interfaces, extended reality, and secure distributed ledgers would intersect with evolving social and economic forces to shape how we prepare for, find jobs and work in 2030. New software systems can help create a richer picture of an applicant by extrapolating relevant skills related to their hobbies and experience, and through applying contextual information about how other workers from the same educational institution or learning pathway have fared in the position, the study said.

Advancements in technology will require new skills and capabilities for workers to excel in the 2030 work environment. The changes to work and learning in the next 10 years would be enabled by the maturation and proliferation of today’s emerging technologies, which would give birth to new industries, jobs, skills, places of work and working patterns, the study said.

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