TeaSwan: A story of unprecedented passion and respect for tea!

In the heart of Pune lies an unpretentious, unassuming tea company called TeaSwan. And when TeaSwan talks tea, it doesn’t mean tea and a bunch of ingredients added to it, oh no. It means luscious, fresh, enchanting tea leaves that leave you speechless, garrulous, or both. It’s a fun ride!

For a country like India where chai is a beloved possession and a new company an everyday affair, TeaSwan took the leap in 2017 to freshly excite the already impressed by bringing in flavors and experiences that promise authenticity, that promise purity, that promise unparalleled taste. True passion and genuine love for tea make it so that the young founders of this dynamic company can’t help but be involved in every step - from picking high-quality, succulent tea plantations to sourcing and packaging. Nothing goes unwatched and not a single step unmonitored.

“A cup of tea is my happy place, it’s what keeps me going. I don’t want a tea that doesn’t absolutely turn my day around and blow my mind. I just don’t want that. So, I thought I could create that tea for myself, it can’t be that hard. Oh, it is hard! But it’s worth it. Every sip proves to me that my work is worth it.”, says co-founder Subhojit Choudhari.

Among the many other challenges that Teaswan and its group of talented employees faced, the pandemic had to be the tip of the iceberg. A time filled with uncertain occurrences and unforeseen circumstances brought into question every functional strategy that was carefully designed. While on the one hand, systems could come to a standstill, TeaSwan had other plans. With safety & hygiene as the top-most priority, they were all masked up to deliver freshly picked teas!

“Hundreds of tea experts, providers, and employees rely on the company and work hard for our success every day. As much as TeaSwan loves tea, we love our people manyfold. It’s that simple”, Subhojit simply says!

He said it! There was no stopping for this company. Same determination, different strategy. With every employee working remotely, accelerating targeted marketing, and continually building brand awareness – TeaSwan left no stone unturned. There’s always a way to impress people with tea so tapping a niche market of connoisseurs, experts and aesthetes proved to be a great start but their products were king, and their king won every time! While a perfunctory intention and a pandemic completely changed the trajectory of the company and its processes, the success and appreciation were quick to follow. Nothing came close to the joy of happy customers and this young company leveraged those smiles, it is what keeps them going!

For a taste you’re already missing out on just by time spent reading this article (sincere apologies), we’d like to introduce to you some flagship, mouthwatering teas that are ‘we-bet-our-life’% delicious!

Swan Signature chai

The Freshest Darjeeling tea suspended in CTC Black tea is TeaSwan’s #1 bestseller! Darjeeling tea promises class, a complex flavor profile yet a kind of simplicity that pairs beautifully with some good ol’ Black tea. Let’s just say if perfect had a face, it's right here.

Winter Spice tea

A rich Indian spice blend that relieves & cleanses because there’s nothing better than a hot, spiced cup of tea on a chilly day. This beautiful blend of spices like tulsi, cardamom, cloves, ashwagandha and so much more is a true game-changer both for the body and the soul!

Detox tea

The gems of the spice and herb land come together to detoxify you the au naturale way. It’s truly a wonder how a cup of this tea detoxifies, revitalizes, and cleanses while also tasting insanely delicious. Tea Gods never disappoint, do they?

Chamomile Lemongrass Peppermint

When the kings of the herb land come together, TeaSwan wastes no time assembling an infusion. It’s safe to say that if there’s one way to kick-starting the day or kicking off the stress, it makes sense to do it the ‘CamLePep’ way!

Orthodox masala chai

An age-old concoction of native Indian spices that refresh like no other, this is a cult favorite for all the perfect reasons. TeaSwan takes it up a notch with strong flavors, super high-quality ingredients, and a mouthwatering aroma. A crisp morning with a hot cup of this blend can only mean great things really!

With an immaculate yet concise list of perfected flavors, TeaSwan offers only the best of the best. On one hand, honoring tea in all its glory and flavor gives these talented curators immense satisfaction but to create covetable blends is an art they’re always exploring. The tea menu is adorned with classy green teas, bold Oolongs, and wholesome Indian herbal blends spiced to perfection!

The little joys of a great cup of tea, the sound of rain with a cup of tea, or the feeling of health with a cup of tea (excuse the indented redundancy) is something we all deserve more of today and every day. Let TeaSwan pamper and spoil you with time-honored, delicious blends that assuredly transport you with every slurp. Just like pakoras on a rainy day or a timeless movie with popcorn, a hot cup of tea coupled with absolutely anything promises great times!

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