Need for a news portal highlighting the plight of a common man

Since every minute of the day people consume news, it influences their mindset and persuades them to take steps towards the path of revolution. The news industry has been known as the torchbearer who guides the individuals and gives them the platform to come ahead and share their undiscovered stories with the world. It is not hidden that most of the news portals invest their time and energy in covering the news that increases TRP when rather they should make consistent efforts to normalize the fact that news that questions the credibility and invokes the urge to shed light on the concerns of the common man is the right way to build the nation of equality, courage, and prominence.

While the privileged get a chance to speak up their mind, the ones behind the curtain often get disheartened. Therefore, it is the prime responsibility of the news industry to carry forward the legacy of common people and share their valuable concerns that have the power to change the way the world functions. The stories that have the essence of truth are often considered to win the attention of the masses. Hence, giving the common man a platform to talk and share their problems with the world is something that every news portal should take a lead towards.

A refreshing take on the news industry where everyone is given equal importance is the need of the hour. Since the news has the power to influence the public in the blink of an eye, it becomes quintessential to take even a small step in the right direction. Apart from providing information about up-to-date happenings taking place in the world, the objective of the news portal should also lie in unearthing fake news that made up the minds of people. Newspapers help the masses in building a connection with the outer world, further opening their eyes and giving them the opportunity to express their viewpoints and share their hurdles on which they have to trudge upon with a heavy heart and unfaltering attitude.

For many of us, consuming news is ingrained in our everyday routines. Thus, it is undoubtedly true to know which news is worth the time and to which news readers should hit the skip button. NEWS44 with the mission to challenge the ordinary norms that are affecting the growth of the nation is taking pride in strengthening the weaker section of society and giving them the stage to voice their problems and opinions. With a committed team of writers, reporters, editors, and all the other people required in a newsroom, leaders of the NEWS44 are continually striving to change the dynamics of the news industry and build a legacy that only a few have been able to make.

The founders of ‘NEWS44’ Bhupender Kumar, Rishi Dubey, and Sumit Kr Vasudev are no doubt initiating a movement that should be introduced far before. News portals that make their space in people’s hearts are the ones that have been successful in donning the hat of social capitalists and using their power and privileges to do good for the betterment of society.

News coverage is significantly more than a reliable source of information. It can sneak into the subconscious mind and affect lives in unexpected ways, from the attitudes toward immigration to the content of dreams. Having the upper hand in changing the perception of people and influencing the entire economy, media houses should take their role seriously and act as a catalyst for expanding horizons in the areas of education, general knowledge, entertainment, and a lot more. From rich to common, the news industry should cater to every section of society. Thus, all mediums whether it be print, television, radio, or digital—are running a marathon against the tides of time & technology and round-the-clock working to highlight the troubles of commoners to bring the next big transformation in the years to come.

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