PhenQ Reviews USA 2022: Does this Diet Pill Work?

February 02, 2022 08:19 pm | Updated February 03, 2022 04:25 pm IST

diet pill 1

diet pill 1

How Far Does This Weight Loss Supplement Work?

PhenQ is a natural supplement which is primarily aimed at reducing the unnecessary weight, shaping your body and filling it with energy.

The interesting thing with PhenQ is that in addition to this primary target it has many other overwhelming benefits. Starting from the simple burning of the fat to even restoring your mood, PhenQ has many positive effects for which you should be reasonably attracted towards it.

This product has been manufactured by the famous Wolfson Brands Limited who are behind many renowned dietary supplements. The manufacturing process is completed in FDA approved facilities in the USA and United Kingdom.

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Why PhenQ?

The question which naturally appears in the mind is, why should you go for PhenQ when so many other weight-loss medicines are available in the market.

Let us find our answers from the following:

  • PhenQ has been operating in the market for a decade and is quite popular among its users continuously improving their lives. Very often it happens to many products through their long presence in the market and that is losing credibility. But PhenQ with its quality and perfect dosing is able to sustain its credibility and presence.
  • All the ingredients of PhenQ are taken from the natural resources. The manufacturing of the ingredients follow the directions of FDA with all their facilities being FDA approved. As such it is ensured that the ingredients meet all the health standards.
  • All the ingredients have to pass through the intensive research carried out by the experts of the manufacturer. This ensures the efficacies of each and every ingredient.
  • There are no side effects of the medicine. The ingredients are all natural herbs which have been used by humanity since antiquity. Secondly the ingredients are combined in a scientifically determined proportion targeting burning of the extra fats only.
  • PhenQ does not forget its customers once they sell their products. Their customer service is one of the best in the market. The officials of the company would always be in touch with you and continue to give advice. The consultants, nutritionists and fitness experts of the company would be glad to impart their suggestions regarding the dosage. They may also give guidance regarding changes in diet and your exercise needs.
  • PhenQ has been manufactured targeting a wide range of people who are struggling to get rid of their extra fat and achieve a shaped lean and attractive body.
  • The active ingredients of the medicine include 150 gm of L-Carnitine Fumarate, 142.50 gm of caffeine anhydrous, 25 mg of Lacys Reset, 20 mg of Nopal Cactus, 8 mg of Capsicum extract, 4.5 mg of Niacin Powder, 3 mg of Piperine extract, 3 mg of Chromium.
  • The core benefits from taking the pills regularly are arresting gain in weight as well as accumulation of fats, boosting the metabolism as well as the rate of burning of the fat, decreasing the craving for the food with a full tummy feeling and rejuvenated mood as well as levels of energy.
  • The company claims to have a vast segment of satisfied customers swelling to 1,90,000 in numbers.
  • The website of the product is


  • All natural ingredients
  • FDA approved manufacturing facilities
  • Targets burning the fats
  • True after sales service
  • Regular support from the fitness experts, nutritionists and consultants
  • Attending to all your queries
  • 60 days return policy
  • Bulk purchases attract discounts
  • Flexibility in ordering
  • Product backed by intensive research, sound planning as well as meticulous testing
  • Friendly to vegetarians
  • Pills are made to swallow comfortably
  • According to it is the Best Belly Fat Burner for 2022


  • May not be advisable for people with pre morbidities
  • Shipping fees are not refundable
  • May need altering coffee drinking habits as the pills already contain caffeine

Click Here to Visit the PhenQ Official Website

Ingredients - Detailed Review


Before selecting the pills for fat-burning it is prudent to know about the ingredients of the pills. Knowing your medicine is very important as it strengthens your belief. As is increasingly emphasized by the modern scientific community, belief delivers the fullest benefit from any medication. After all, our brain is the super computer controlling all the actions of the body.

Knowing the ingredients is important for another reason. You can refer back to your physician if you think you are allergic to any components of the pills.

L-Carnitine Fumarate- It is known as a fat burner. This amino-acid is found in all the diets be it vegetarian or nonvegetarian. Inclusion of this ingredient in proper proportion helps the pills to effectively burn the fats.

Caffeine- As soon as you hear the name caffeine, your mind turns back to tea or coffee. Whenever you feel tired or want to improve your alertness and focus, you would think of taking a cup of coffee. But caffeine has another action due to which it is included in all weight-loss medicines.

Caffeine aids in the process known as thermogenesis which helps in burning the fats. It also suppresses hunger.

  • Capsimax Powder- The Capsimax Powder is a unique discovery of PhenQ. It has been designed by mixing caffeine with capsicum, piperine and vitamin B3(niacin), in well researched scientific proportions.

The research carried out by the manufacturer of the medicine found that the capsimax powder has the ability to ignite the thermogenesis, burning the extra fat significantly.

  • Chromium Picolinate-  This is essentially a mineral which can be found in many diets such as meat, vegetable and grains. It directly works on your craving reducing your hunger considerably. In fact it reduces the level of sugar in the blood diminishing all the cravings for the sugar. Low intake of sugar helps in checking the weight gains.
  • Nopal-   Nopal  is one species of cactus. It is highly gifted with a high amount of fiber. The fiber in the diet controls hunger. Additionally Nopal cactus contains varieties of amino-acids.

Our body needs amino-acids to regulate metabolism.

Metabolism of our body is the intrinsic healer which corrects many abnormalities and reduces fatigue as well as abnormal cravings for food.

  • Calcium Carbonate-  It is a known mineral which works towards burning the fat. In this way Calcium Carbonate plays a useful role in stopping the weight growth and thus maintaining the status quo.
  • Lacy’s Reset-  It stimulates thermogenesis, burns calories, improves metabolism, restores energy and mood.

How do PhenQ accomplish the task of weight-loss?

We have already elaborated the various aspects of PhenQ in making your weight-loss regime a success. In the following pages we would like to give you a glimpse of the main avenues through which the medicine attempts to accomplish its task.

Efficiently burning the extra fat

The primary culprit for the gain in weight is accumulation of extra fat. The most adamant fat which is very difficult to work upon are those which get deposited around the belly. The fats around the belly are the last to be burnt even after laborious exercises. But for an effective reduction in weight you have to do away with the fats.

The scientifically determined ingredients of PhenQ works the wonder of eliminating all such obnoxious fats from your body thus reducing the weight within a reasonable time.

The example of L-Carnitine Fumarate may serve well here to understand its methodology of working. By regulating the temperature of the body it ignites thermogenesis, which in turn starts burning the fats.

There are many other ingredients which are specifically designed to attack the extra fats of the body aiming at shaping your body and restoring the energy level.

Putting a stop to the gain in weight

Another fruitful strategy for arresting the weight gain is finding ways to stop any further gain in weight. In one way PhenQ helps in burning the fats while in another way it regulates the metabolism in such a way so that the further production of fat is discouraged.

By correcting the metabolism it also serves another purpose of reducing fatigue as well as enhancing focus. In this way it also helps in restoring the general well being of the users of the medicine.

Reducing the cravings for the food

One of the obstinate traits among the obese people including the general over-weight people is their high propensity for the food. They have to struggle hard to keep them away from eating. But in spite of all their ardent efforts, most of the time they fail to control themselves from eating.

This is the reason why the manufacturer of this supplement has given special emphasis  to ways of controlling hunger  by getting a feeling of full tummy.

When you take the PhenQ pills you will not bother even if there are cheesy burgers filled with tasty chicken in front of you. Your brain will be able to rationalize and see the harmful effects of the food, restraining you from eating them.

Thus being able to suppress the appetite PhenQ aids in stopping the furtherance of the weight gain.

It has been observed that when one takes the pills regularly for a few weeks, they are able to downsize their calorie intake which in turn reduces their appetite further. This way the pills arrest weight gain.

PhenQ restores the level of energy

The obese and the over-weight people often complain about low energy and fatigue. The experts have pointed out this to be linked with dieting. As a matter of fact when someone is on diet, his blood sugar level fluctuates causing fatigue.

Unguided dieting for a prolonged period of time will leave you exhausted. You may unknowingly add another head-ache by taking fat-burning pills which are not suited for your body.

This is why PhenQ suggests proper weight-loss diets through their weight-loss experts. Also by selecting PhenQ which has been manufactured under scientific guidance using the best effective and tested ingredients, your body can get rid of all harmful effects of wrongly selected weight-loss pills.

In addition to reducing your weight by fat-burning, reduced craving for food,  improving metabolism , igniting thermogenesis etc it also boosts your energy and restores focus and mood.

Creating a feel-good feeling

Another important aspect of weight-loss pills is to create a feel-good feeling while reducing the weight. It has been reported by many users that most of the fat-burning pills cause irritations and disturbs mood. Lack of food as per the long food habit is one of the reasons for such mental conditions.

In order to counter this effect, the manufacturer of PhenQ has included some such ingredients which are capable of stimulating your feel-good factors. PhenQ, apart from their core benefit, has also taken care to enhance your mood as well as increase the energy level.

PhenQ has all the ingredients which will tend to neutralize the ill effects of dieting such as anxiety and depression. PhenQ is special in this aspect by taking care of both of your fat-burning and psychological well-being. You will not find this in other weight-loss medicines.

Losing weight is a tedious exercise which creates a feeling of loneliness. The manufacturer of PhenQ has taken all the steps to handle such negative emotions while planning the ingredients of the pill.

While taking the pills you will gradually feel its mood restoring effects subtly and all of your negative and painful feelings disappearing.

We know that serotonin is one of the many neurotransmitters in our brain which is also found in our guts. The natural ingredients of PhenQ helps in the production and release of more serotonin. Serotonin creates the feel-good feeling and enables the users to always think in a positive way.

PhenQ also helps people with weak psychological conditions such as emotional breakdown on filthy reasons, frequent changes in the mood etc. Its well researched ingredients aids in restoring your confidence.

PhenQ does not need any requirement of strict dieting. So the users do not have to worry about the lack of their favorite dishes. So there is no anxiety, no depression and no irritations.

Enjoy your dishes to your heart’s content and yet lose weight only with a proper and healthy exercise regime.

PhenQ is manufactured in such a way so that it gets compatible with every kind of diet as well as lifestyle.

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Some tricky points to consider


  • Due to its multi-directional benefits on the health and well-being of the users PhenQ is found to improve the status of your physique. You need not to worry about that. The pill is still working towards burning your unwanted fats. The pills have organic ingredients which work naturally enhancing your metabolism as well as arresting weight gain. But not all humans are the same. If due to some reasons you find some embarrassing side effects, you are advised to consult your physician immediately.
  • The Supplement works irrespective of your age. The pills are capable of reducing your weight whether you are in your teens or have crossed the 50 years bar. You are assured of getting a well shaped trim body with zovial attitudes towards life which will be appreciated by all around you. This means that you will be attracted towards the opposite sex.
  • The Diet Pill PhenQ is free from any animal products. So the pills can be safely used by all people irrespective of their food habits. PhenQ is considered to be one of the best dietary supplements. You may unhesitatingly add it to your diet and reap the benefits as enunciated above.
  • PhenQ contains a substantial amount of caffeine. If you are a coffee addict, you may require to minimize the caffeine intake as per the instruction of the health experts. Intake of caffeine beyond a predetermined amount may be detrimental to your body. So regular use of the medicine may require such minor lifestyle adjustments.
  • Do not take the pills along with coffee. As both contain substantial amounts of caffeine, the dose may exceed the safe limit of caffeine intake. This may result in side effects like insomnia, irritation, lack of concentration and restlessness.

Side effects of PhenQ

There are no reported side effects of PhenQ. But any medicine which has some good effects may, in rare instances, cause side effects too. In general, PhenQ having all the natural ingredients which have been selected based on extensive scientific research regarding its efficacies and effectiveness, has no side effects.

Still for some people with weak metabolism or having comorbidity it may raise some issues with side effects. In very rare cases the pills may counteract with the medicines which the user is taking causing uncomfortable overtures. Most common side effects are related to an upset stomach such as bloating, nausea, diarrhea, headache and dizziness.

However all such side effects vanish with prolonged use. Secondly the side effects, as can be seen from the list, are all of mild nature and exist for a small period of time.

But in case you find the symptoms persisting for an extended period of time you should get yourself consulted with your physician.

Our considered opinion is that the weight-loss pill PhenQ is suitable and effective for most of the affected people.

A Point Of Caution

Knowing their product is the most important consideration for the potential users of the medicine. In pursuant of this we would like to point out some restraints which should be taken care of before selecting this fat-burning medicine. Our users must not be allowed to fall into any pit holes unknowingly. The following categories of people must refrain from using this pill.

  • People prone to allergies
  • People below the age of 18 years
  • Lactating mothers
  • People who are on medication for some chronic diseases
  • People having many complications medically
  • Pregnant women or who are planning for that

In a nutshell you must take all precautions before starting the medication. Do not presuppose that everything would be alright and start taking the medication without consulting your physician.

General Instructions and dosages of PhenQ

Dosage plays an important role in getting the desired results.

So the users must read the instructions provided in the package and make them clear about the exact dosages and the mode of taking the pills.

It is also important to understand the ways the pills would act at least for the first few weeks of taking the pills so that you can adjust yourself to the new situation and handle it efficiently.

PhenQ does not have any adverse side effects and hence is safe to include it in your diet as a dietary supplement. Stick to the dosage instructions and consult experts whenever you feel any issue.

The users must understand that no medicine can work to its best without the support of the users. The users have to render the following supportive ventures to get the best out of the pills. These are healthy dietary habits, regular suitable exercise as advised by the fitness experts, sound and adequate sleep and suitable hydration.

With such healthy lifestyle changes the weight-loss pills would do wonders.

The pills are best taken in the morning. You can swallow the pills with water. The morning is the best time to take the pills as you are having the whole day before you to workout and use the extra energy which the pills would add up.

Taking the pill in the evening may best be avoided as the high amount of caffeine in the pills may disturb your sleep.

Take care not to exceed the dosage as given in the instruction sheet.

It is prohibited to take the medicine continuously for eight consecutive weeks.

Discontinue the pills when you suffer from an upset stomach.

Stop the pill intake two weeks before any surgery. Avoid taking the medication before going to bed.

How and where should you buy PhenQ Supplement?

The best option to buy this supplement is to get to their official website where you would get the pills at the lowest price.

Each container of the PhenQ medicine contains 60 pills which would last for a month.

The other advantage of buying the pills from their official website is that you get the genuine product and know many other information from the horse’s mouth. From time to time the company comes out with discounts, new return policy and various promos.

For example you buy a single bottle at $69.95. But if you consider buying two you get it at $ 139.90 with one additional bottle for free.

Similarly with more budget you can buy three bottles at $189.95 with additional two bottles for free.

Click Here to Visit the PhenQ Official Website

Guarantee clause

For the fickle-minded buyers who decide to return the bottles after delivery, the company has one policy. The company has an option to accept return of unopened bottles within 67 days from the date of delivery. But the shipping costs will be deducted from the price while returning the money.

PhenQ claims that the pills can reduce the extra fat by 7.24% while at the same time increase the lean muscles by 3.80%. Such achievements are claimed to reach using exclusively natural ingredients during the manufacturing process of the medicine. Extra care has been taken from all scientific angles so that no harmful side effects may disturb the tranquility of the users. The company regularly oversees the performance of their pills through their dedicated team of health professionals and fitness experts in order to evaluate and improve upon the formula.

PhenQ contains no artificial or animal products which have been confirmed by independent laboratories under its stringent quality assurance plans.


Is PhenQ fat- burning formula suitable for me?

If you are a man or woman having normal health without any medical complications and above the age of 20 years, you can take this medication for doing away with your extra fats and get a lean shaped body. The medicine works in a holistic way rejuvenating your overall well being.

How is PhenQ to be taken?

You need to take one pill in the morning prior to workouts. It is forbidden to take more than the recommended dose. The medicine works in a natural way boosting your own metabolism. You must not overstress your body by taking more pills hoping to get faster results. The pills contain caffeine which in more quantity may cause heat, irritation and lack of sleep.

What are the possible side effects of the pill?

The manufacturer of the medicine claims that there is no side effect of the pills. In spite of that, it is advisable to consult your medical consultant in case you have some existing ailment prior to starting the intake of the pills on a regular basis.

The company is offering many packages. Which package should I go in for?

If you are a serious buyer desiring to deal with your weight problem with good intent then you should go for the three bottle package. PhenQ needs a minimum period of time for giving suitable results. Moreover the company offers some promos and you may be able to avail such offers getting one free bottle with larger purchases.

But if you are just in a trial mode, take a single bottle. But with this you may not get to feel much difference. However you can be sure about any allergy or side effects with the medicine before starting the medication on a regular prolonged basis.

Does PhenQ require strict dietary and exercise regimes?

PhenQ is designed to work without any strict dietary regime. But all positive efforts from your end would surely assist the medicine to work in a far better way. If you can manage to follow a healthy diet without causing any psychological issues such as loneliness, anxiety, depression, irritation etc, then you may continue with it. However moderate exercise is suggested to get the full benefit of the medicine.

Is PhenQ compatible with other medication including birth control pills?

We recommend prior consultation with medical professionals prior to using the medicine if you are on any medication.

Is it possible to shed 5 kg weight a month?

The mode of working of the pill is through suppression of the appetite, boosting metabolism, burning the fats and arresting the production of the fats. The pills do all these through a proper blending of potent natural ingredients.

Though it takes some time to start its actions yet people have been able to shed as much as 2 to 5 kg of weight a month. Many factors play in the process. The body system of the users including the metabolism rate, psychological issues, belief mechanism, dietary and exercise supports etc play a vital role in determining the fat burning and the weight loss.

What if the pills do not get me the results?

The pills contain potent active ingredients which have proven track records. So there is hardly any doubt about the efficacy of the medicine. The weight-loss medicine is suitable for all adults who are in the process of struggling to shed their extra weight. But in spite of all these if you are not satisfied with the pills the company offers a 60 day money back return policy. You can take the benefit of the return policy.

Does PhenQ require a prescription for purchasing?

You do not need a prescription to buy the medicine.

PhenQ  is an over the counter medicine having all natural ingredients without any side effects.

However in case of any apprehensions you may consult your physician before starting the medication.

Concluding Remarks

The feedback from the users confirms the excellent results. This natural weight loss pill targets primarily the fat burning and weight loss issues. But while working to shed weight the medicine also gives many other positive results. In fact PhenQ contains ingredients which are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. As a result the users get a good physique while shedding the extra fats. The continuous and regular use of PhenQ gives a shaped body with improved metabolism and lifted mood and energy level.

Low calorie diet and moderate exercise would add power to the pills. Such supportive endeavors will give faster results.

With all the above detailed deliberations we hope you will be able to make a wise decision about buying PhenQ Diet Pills.  Visit the official website of the company  to get further information about the medicine along with various offers which the company declares from time to time.

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