Find Out the Secret Ingredient for a Clean Kitchen

Though the pandemic brought with it a whole lot of doom and gloom, it also had a silver lining: the rise in the trend of home chefs during the lockdown. Cooking at home is a gateway to impressive culinary skills, and many home chefs can whip up the choicest delicacies across cuisines. From pasta to pizzas, butter chicken to kebabs, cakes to traditional desserts — you name it and they have all the knowledge! The best part of being a home cook is the freedom to experiment, innovate, and create dishes from scratch inside your own kitchen. The freedom to mix, whisk, knead, fry, grill, and sauté myriad ingredients is nothing short of a therapeutic experience. But like everything else, there are certain pain points that must be resolved.

Before we get to the solution, let us understand some of the challenges.

Here’s what home chefs hate

Cooking is an art and takes immense patience, since it requires precision and attention to detail. From chopping vegetables to preparing sauces, and prepping up the garnish, there’s a lot that needs to be done to whip up any dish. What’s more, several dishes are complex and require even more time and effort. How many times have you struggled with the mess on the counters, grease on the walls and countertops, and the smells that linger long after the dinners are done? Sounds quite familiar, right?

Imagine staying up all night after your dinner has been served or your orders have been dispatched only to clean up the mess. It’s annoying, to say the least. Manual cleaning is tedious and can take up to several hours — there’s a lot of time and effort that goes into it! In such scenarios, the modern home chef cannot spare so many hours. Having conventional kitchen aids like chimneys help, but leave a lot to be desired. You cannot completely rely on them!

So, what does one really do?

A solution for your kitchen needs

Although there are several chimney options available today, not every piece of equipment makes the cut. Home chefs require cutting-edge tools, like Faber’s new ThunderBolt hood that comes with steam functions, gesture control for hands-free operations.

Faber brings the new 21st-century steam drive technology, which cleans 99 % of your chimney. Steam Clean is an advanced auto-clean technology that works using the heater, but here’s the difference — it adds water to create steam and softens the residues in the chimney cavity. Its oil cleaning rate is 99.1% and requires a 12-minute high-temperature steam drive washing and 3-minute fast drying.

Furthermore, the chimney comes with a powerful motor of 240 watts, which enables a higher suction power. This means that home chefs can enjoy high performance and efficiency! In addition, there will be less smoke and more fragrance while cooking. The suction action removes the dust and provides a hygienic environment. Moreover, its Turbo Speed Technology automatically runs the motor faster than the normal speed for up to 3 minutes to take away all the oil and smoke particles at once.

This chimney also has a separate oil collector to ensure easy cleaning by collecting the oil and other residues conveniently. Designed with stainless steel, its rust-free design ensures durability and hassle-free cleaning.

Faber ThunderBolt hood also has a feature called Gesture Control that recognises and interprets movements of the human body in order to interact. It controls the chimney without direct physical contact. It also comes with a motion sensing technology that enables easy operation by a simple wave of your hand. With Touch Control, there’s the ease of operation with just one touch!

Durability will never be a concern because this chimney’s body is made from SPCC steel, a commercial quality cold-rolled steel, which is up to 20 percent stronger than typical hot-rolled steel. Its combination with toughened glass is what reinforces it to a greater degree. In case you are worried about maintenance, that’s not an issue either — after all, its filterless chimney ensures no cleaning hassles, which makes maintenance completely stress-free, and at zero cost!

So, if you are a home chef, you know what to do! Get your hands on the ThunderBolt hood and start cooking and creating dishes to your heart’s content, without worrying about the mess.

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