Best Psychic Reading Online: Top 3 Psychic Reading Websites and Apps

December 27, 2023 06:51 pm | Updated 06:51 pm IST

Online psychic reading services are more popular than ever these days. That’s not surprising—who doesn’t like getting regular advice and guidance from the best online psychics? Even if you are a bit of a skeptic, you can’t deny that knowing a little extra about what the future holds can never hurt.

The problem, however, is that finding the best psychic readings online isn’t particularly easy. The bigger the industry grows, the more options you have, and sadly, not all so-called “online psychic services” offer actual real psychic readings. There are a lot of scammers out there, so you need to be careful when selecting your go-to place for online psychic readings.

Don’t worry—we’ll help.

 Online Psychic Reading Services You Need to Try

Luckily for you, we’ve done all the hard work and compiled the ultimate list of the top three best psychic reading sites and apps. Whichever of those three you choose, you’ll be in good hands. So, where can you get high-quality yet affordable online psychic reading services?

 1. Nebula—The best of the best psychic reading sites

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2. Zodi—The best online platform for astrology guidance

 3. Nebula App—The best app with online psychics

 #1 Nebula: 98/100

Nebula is definitely the leader among all psychic sites. It may not be the oldest psychic reading website, but it’s the most easy-to-navigate and affordable one, and it also has the widest selection of different psychic readings.

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Standout Features

Listing everything good about Nebula would take a while, but let’s address at least the most important of its features so that you see why it deserves the number one spot on the list of the best psychic reading websites.

A generous welcome offer. Most psychic reading services offer some kind of discount for new clients to give them a chance to test the platform before spending much money. However, Nebula goes the extra mile—everyone gets 3 free minutes as well as 80% off their entire first online psychic reading. Few other psychic services show the same level of generosity.

A unique client-psychic matching system. When you create an account on Nebula, you are asked to complete a detailed quiz. It includes questions about your date and time of birth, the type of spiritual guidance you are interested in, the communication style you’d like to see in psychic readers, and more.

Free daily horoscopes. Even if you aren’t after online psychic readings, you can still use Nebula for a lot of things, including valuable insights for every day based on your Zodiac. They are brief yet very informative and accurate. Perhaps they will even inspire you to have personalized astrology readings with Nebula’s top psychics.

Free compatibility reports for all Zodiac signs. On top of the free horoscopes, Nebula also has free compatibility reports. If you know your Zodiac sign, you can look up how compatible you are with other people in your life (including love interests, friends, family members, and more). You can also learn what to pay extra attention to in a relationship with your significant other to avoid conflicts.

A large database of free informational content, especially on the topic of tarot readings. The Nebula reading site has tons of free articles on various topics related to psychic readings and online psychics. Among other things, you can learn to perform tarot card reading on your own by using Nebula’s tarot guides.

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Nebula’s Pros

Some of the best things about the psychic readings online on Nebula are:

  • A new customer offer: 3 free minutes + 80% off your first online psychic reading
  • A large talent pool of different online psychics
  • Spiritual readings of almost any kind are available
  • Nebula’s online psychics offer accurate psychic readings.

 Our Verdict

Be it love readings, astrology readings, cartomancy readings, or anything else, you can be sure that Nebula has it. You will have no problem finding a psychic online, no matter what your preferred psychic tools or communication styles are. There is basically nothing not to like about Nebula, which rarely happens with psychic reading sites. Hence Nebula’s near-perfect score.

 #2 Zodi: 93/100

Zodi isn’t one of the numerous psychic websites; instead, it’s an astrology-focused mobile app. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s probably because Zodi has a lot of better-known competitors. Nonetheless, it definitely deserves the second spot on the list of the best online psychic reading services.

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Standout Features

Unlike Nebula and some other psychic reading websites, Zodi doesn’t aim to cover as many psychic online reading types as possible. It has a clear focus, and it’s everything that has to do with astrology. That’s why most of Zodi’s standout features are astrology-related as well.

The largest selection of psychic readers who know everything about Zodiac signs and their compatibility. Nebula may have a higher overall number of online psychics, but there aren’t any psychic websites or apps that would have a pool of professional astrologers as large as Zodi’s. Whatever it is that interests you about the impact of celestial bodies on human lives, Zodi’s astrology online readings will help you clarify that.

A friendly and responsive customer support team is always available via live chat. Not every online psychic service has genuinely helpful and readily available support, but Zodi does. According to user reviews, one of the best things about this app is that the support team is always there for you, and we agree.

A free personalized birth chart with psychic predictions. Even if you aren’t yet ready to pay for online readings with Zodi’s psychic readers, you can still enjoy the app’s free features, including a birth chart generated based on your date and time of birth. It has a lot of information that will help you understand yourself and your relationship with other people better.

Accurate readings focused on love and relationships. Aside from astrology, Zodi’s focus is love readings (although they are typically based on astrology as well). Whatever it is you want to know about your relationships with important people in your life, Zodi’s psychic advisors will happily help you.

A free trial to test the app before committing. Even the best psychic reading site or app can’t be really user-friendly unless it has a free trial. Zodi does. You have a few days to study the app (and get the most out of all the free psychic services it has) before paying. This way, you can see whether or not Zodi works for you before spending your hard-earned money.

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Zodi’s Pros

Some of Zodi’s key advantages are as follows:

  • A free trial
  • Accurate love life readings with professional astrologers
  • Chat psychics who are available 24/7
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes.

 Zodi’s Cons

Zodi is an awesome app for psychic readings, but it does have a couple of flaws, such as:

  • Video and phone readings aren’t available
  • A limited number of psychic advisors who work with psychic reading types other than astrology.

 Psychic Reading Types Available

Zodi does have a few other types of online readings, but the main ones are these:

  • Astrology Readings
  • Love Readings
  • Compatibility Readings
  • Astrology-Based Career Forecasts
  • Personalized Birth Chart Interpretation.

 Our Verdict

If you are interested in all things astrology and Zodiac compatibility, Zodi is the best place where you can get spiritual guidance. The only reason why it holds only the second position on this list is Zodi’s limited selection of the types of online psychic reading. Otherwise, it’s great. So, choose an authentic psychic from Zodi’s database and start an online chat with them. You’ll get the answer you are looking for.

 #3 Nebula App: 92/100

Similarly to Zodi, Nebula App is a mobile application for online psychic reading services. However, unlike Zodi, it is way more than an astrology app. Similarly to its sister product, Nebula, Nebula App is the go-to place for all types of accurate psychic readings. Astrologers, love and relationship guidance, clairvoyant psychics, psychic mediums, fortune telling—Nebula App has it all.

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 Standout Features

Nebula App might be only the third on this list, but that still makes it the third-best online psychic reading platform of all. With how large the industry of psychic readings is, that’s a huge accomplishment. So, to help you understand what’s so special about Nebula App, let’s see what its main features are:

A free personalized birth chart. When you create an account on the Nebula App, you are asked about your date and time of birth (among other things). This information is necessary to create your birth chart, which, by the way, is more detailed and in-depth than Zodi’s. You’ll learn about you Sun, moon, and rising signs, polarity, modality, and everything else that matters from an astrological standpoint.

Psychic advice on love and relationships. Just like Nebula, Nebula App has a large selection of psychic readers across various reading types, tools, and techniques. However, the app’s number one specialty is love life readings. Whatever it is that bothers you about your romantic partnership, Nebula App’s love psychics will help you get to the bottom of things and solve the problem.

Various types of psychic readings online. As discussed, whether you are after love readings, numerology readings, angel card readings, palm readings, or telling, you will have quite a few psychic advisor candidates on the Nebula App to choose from. You can even find such seemingly unpopular psychic services as career psychics’ guidance, dream analysis, and past life readings.

Free daily horoscopes + monthly, weekly, and yearly horoscopes for Nebula Premium users. Even as a free user, you have access to daily horoscopes from Nebula’s top astrology psychic readers. However, you can also pay for Nebula Premium ($7.99 a week, $24.99 a month, or $29.99 for three months) to unlock access to other horoscopes, as well as countless other premium features the Nebula App has to offer.

In-depth compatibility reports for Nebula Premium. Even as a free user, you can check your Zodiac compatibility with your partner or love interest. If you pay for Nebula Premium, you will also unlock extra natal chart-based compatibility content to understand your relationship even better.

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 Nebula App’s Pros

  • Live chat psychic readers are available 24/7
  • The app is aesthetically beautiful
  • A free trial
  • There are tons of free features
  • Various types of accurate readings

 Nebula App’s Cons

There are only two downsides about Nebula App we can think of:

  • No phone psychics available
  • The app is convenient but still takes some getting used to.

 Our Verdict

Nebula App is the best choice for you if you are looking for top-notch psychic readings online but prefer mobile apps to psychic reading sites. It has the versatility of Nebula paired with the convenience of Zodi. And it’s delightfully easy on the eye.

 What You Need to Know to Get the Most Out of Your Psychic Reading Online

Now, you have a list of the three best services for online psychic readings. Choose whichever you like—they are all worth your trust. However, that’s just the first step, albeit the hardest one.

Now that your options are limited to just one psychic reading site or app, you need to make sure that you find the best psychic match for you out of the options available there. If you are new to online psychic readings, you will also have to decide which type of psychic readings you’d like to start with.

Finally, you will need to decide on the communication channel you prefer and, if possible, use the welcome discount or offer it gives to new clients.

So, let’s discuss each of those three steps one by one.

 The Platform Matters, but So Does the Psychic

Arguably the most important choice you have to make as a first-time client of online psychic reading platforms is whom to entrust your deepest darkest secrets with.

First of all, if you are worried about online psychics’ empathy, listening skills, or ability to respect your boundaries, please don’t. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. All online psychic professionals are similar to therapists in that they always do everything in their power to make sure your conversation is a safe place for you.

We promise you that you’ll forget about all your initial concerns as soon as your first psychic online session starts. And if you realize that there is something about the psychic reader you chose that you don’t like (say, their communication style), you can always switch to one of their colleagues.

 How to Choose the Right Psychic For You

If the process of choosing a psychic reader still intimidates you, here are a few tips that will hopefully, help you out:

Don’t be lazy—study psychics’ profiles carefully before you schedule a psychic online session. Every decent online psychic has some “about me” information you need to get through before choosing them. This way, you’ll increase your chances of getting it right on the first try.

Read other clients’ reviews. If hundreds of other people have only good to say about a certain online psychic, they are probably one of the best online psychics and deserve your trust. Just make sure those glowing reviews are authentic (on the psychic online services from our list, they are).

If there’s any information about the communication style of the psychic reader you’re considering, pay attention to it. All online psychics have their own communication style and delivery.

Some are more straightforward; others are gentle and careful with their words. If there is such information about a psychic in their profile or reviews, don’t neglect it. The communication style of an online psychic affects the online psychic reading immensely.

 What Different Reading Types Are Good For

Another important aspect of spiritual readings is the reading type. With how many options are available (especially if you go with Nebula or Nebula App instead of Zodi), it’s often a struggle for first-time clients to choose the right psychic reading type. It would be impossible to address all of the options available to you here, but let’s at least talk about the most types of psychic readings.

 Astrology Readings

As you can probably guess, astrology readings are focused on such things as your Zodiac sign, horoscopes, and other stuff that has to do with how planets and stars affect human lives.

A good online psychic who specializes in astrology will always ask for your date and time of birth. Don’t be scared—they need this information to prepare your birth chart, the key tool during astrology psychic readings.

 Tarot Card Readings

Tarot cards are another popular type of spiritual readings. They are a great tool for learning about your future, clarifying something about your relationship, or even some necessary self-work.

Tarot readers aren’t fortune tellers. However, they can communicate with a deck of cards the way most people can’t Thanks to their skills, they know how to make cards talk as well as how to interpret what the cards are trying to say.

If you have yet to try tarot readings, we couldn’t recommend them enough—they are both informative and fun.

 Love and Relationship Readings

If there’s something you’d like to see changed about your love life or family dynamics, it’s a good idea to opt for a conversation with online psychics who specialize in love and relationship readings.

The tools and techniques they use may vary and depend on the particular online psychic you choose. However, what unites them all is their unique ability to read the energy of interpersonal relationships and feel what’s the root cause of the problem.

By the way, if you are currently single but would like to change that, a love reading with one of the best psychics online is a good idea for you, as well. We recommend Nebula for that.

 Medium Readings

Psychic mediums are a separate category of online psychics. They specialize in connecting the world of the living with the world of the dead.

If you have recently lost someone you loved or moved to a new place and feel a weird presence there, do consider talking to a medium.

They will act as an intermediary and the spirit of the person you’d like to talk to and help you understand what the deceased person is trying to say to you. Or they pass your message to them instead; it all depends on what your reason for seeing a medium is.

 Dream Analysis

Finally, a fascinating, if not the most popular type of psychic readings, is dream analysis. As the name suggests, it’s psychic reading that focuses on your dreams.

If you’ve been having the same dream over and over again lately, it’s a good enough reason to talk to an online psychic who specializes in dream interpretation.

But even a single dream can call for a dream analysis psychic reading if there is something about it that you can’t get out of your head. Our dreams always matter, but professional help is often necessary to understand why.

 Why the Communication Channel Also Matters

Moving on, the next thing you need to decide on before your first-ever online psychic session is the communication channel you prefer when talking to online psychics. You have a few options—email readings, chat readings, phone readings, and video readings.

Let’s stop at chat readings, as they are often the most confusing for the people who’ve never tried them.

 The Perks of Chat Readings

As you likely understand, a psychic reading over chat happens in the form of a text conversation. You are exchanging messages with the online psychic you’re talking to without seeing them (except for the profile photo) or hearing their voice.

This might sound unexpected, but online chatting is actually the preferred communication mode for a lot of regular clients on online psychic readings.

Interested why is it the case? Here are a few reasons:

Online chatting is convenient. When you have psychic readings over chat, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing. You can have a session while on the subway or during your dog’s play date.

That being said, we do recommend you always have psychic readings in a calm environment with no distractions. This way, it’ll be easier for you to connect with the reader on an emotional level and open up to them.

An online chat session is the least intimidating communication channel for online psychics’ new clients. The idea of being face-to-face with a fortune teller or any other psychic expert may be intimidating to some people, even if it takes place remotely.

That’s perfectly understandable; we are always drawn to but also somewhat afraid of everything we can’t fully understand, including psychic abilities.

If that’s the case for you as well, a psychic reading over chat is the best option for you. Trust us, if the psychic you chose is a good fit for you, once you start the psychic reading session, you’ll forget why you were so intimidated or uncomfortable in the first place.

You can go back to what you’ve learned later and think about it more. With psychic readings over text messages, you always have the receipts you can revisit later on. It’s an awesome way to reflect on the insights you got from the reader and perhaps, look at something they said in a new light.

Psychic online chat is often the most affordable option. That’s not the case for all online psychic reading services, but a lot of them do charge less for chat psychic readings compared to phone or video readings. So, if you’d like to save some money, that’s one more reason to try an online psychic reading over chat.

 The Flaws of Chat Readings

Psychic reading sessions over chat don’t have universal flaws; it’s all a matter of personal preference. Still, the two things we can think of are the following:

It might be more difficult to connect to the reader’s energy. Some clients find it difficult to feel connected to the reader and, therefore, may struggle with opening up to them unless they can see their face or at least hear their voice during an online psychic reading.

While energy-wise, there are no proven differences between different communication channels for psychic reading services, if that’s how you feel, you are better off with an in-person or video psychic reading.

You can’t be sure if you are talking to the person you think you are talking to. This one should only be your concern if you use some suspicious psychic reading online services with a questionable reputation. So, it shouldn’t be an issue with any of the three psychic reading platforms on this list.

 Does It Make Sense to Pay Extra for Video or Phone Readings?

Video and phone psychic reading online services typically cost more compared to chat readings. In our opinion, it only makes sense to pay for them if you think you won’t be able to truly connect with the reader over text.

Otherwise, we don’t think it makes sense to pay extra for an online psychic reading over a phone or video call. Its accuracy or the insights you’ll get from it won’t be any different.

 A Word of Caution

While you’re certainly not limited to the psychic reading services we listed here, we encourage you to be careful if you decide to go with something else. There are a lot of good psychic platforms out there, and not all of them made our top three.

 A Word of Encouragement

At the same time, don’t be afraid to keep an open mind. It’s an essential part of any successful psychic reading, so don’t let your suspicions get in the way of the psychic advice you’re looking for.


 Are there any real psychics online?

Yes, there are real psychics online. You can find them on a bunch of psychic reading sites and apps. However, we recommend you stick to the three services on this list—Nebula, Zodi, and Nebula App. We’ve researched and tested dozens of online psychic reading services, but those are the best.

 Who are the best psychics?

The best psychics are psychic mediums, astrologers, fortune tellers, tarot readers, and other experts in spiritual reading who are competent, empathetic, and accurate in their predictions. It doesn’t really matter which types of psychic readings you choose; they can all be exceptionally insightful as long as you find the right psychic reader for you.

 How do online psychic readings work?

Online psychic readings vary; there are live chat readings, readings over calls and video calls, email readings, and more. You can choose the communication channel that works best for you. What matters more is finding a competent psychic reader who can feel and interpret your energy even without being in your physical presence.

 What are the best questions to ask a psychic?

The best questions to ask a psychic depend on the topics or problems that bother you the most at the moment. For example, if you’d like a fortune telling session, you can ask things like “What will happen to my relationship shortly? “ or “Will I get the promotion I’m hoping for? “ The main rule is to make your questions as specific as you can.

 Where can I get a free psychic reading online?

You can get a free psychic reading online on Nebula, the best of all psychic reading sites. All new Nebula clients are eligible for free 3 minutes and 80% off their first psychic reading session with Nebula’s psychic reader of their choice. Use this welcome deal to get a brief yet informative free online chat.

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