‘The Department of Sensitive Crimes’ by Alexander McCall Smith: Summertime madness

Anusua Mukherjee

‘Unruly Waters — How Mountain Rivers and Monsoons have Shaped South Asia’s History’ review: Taming the rivers

Sujatha Byravan

‘Beast’ by Krishna Udayasankar: The brute within

Navmi Krishna

Bureaucracy ‘The Steel Frame — A History of the IAS’ review: Power to make a difference

Uma Mahadevan Dasgupta

Historical Fiction She without the fire

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‘Zucked — Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe’ review: The devil is in the DNA

Jinoy Jose P.
The Verdict: Decoding India's Elections

'The Verdict: Decoding India's Elections' review: Behind hidden figures

Varghese K. George

‘Belt and Road — A Chinese World Order’ review: Beijing’s map of the world

Kallol Bhattacherjee

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