‘Capital & Imperialism: Theory, History and the Present’ review: The long reach of imperialism

Kandaswami Subramanian

‘Dust of the Caravan’ review: A keen sense of history and a critique of pre-1947 India

Ghazala Jamil

‘Shuttler’s Flick: Making Every Match Count’ review: The making of a champion

Ashwin Achal

profile ‘Policymaker’s Journal’ review: The essential lightness of being

Puja Mehra

‘The Break-up of Britain: Crisis and Neo-Nationalism’ review: The British Empire falls apart at home

Arvind Sivaramakrishnan

Short Stories Feral fancies: Review of Malayalam author Gracy’s ‘Baby Doll’

Navamy Sudhish

‘Space Life Matter: The Coming of Age of Indian Science’ review: The struggles and triumphs of India’s scientific fraternity

Shubashree Desikan

Poetry Ganga and Yajnaseni, again: Review of anthology ‘Collegiality and Other Ballads’

S. Sarkar

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