Mr. M. A. M. Ramaswamy’s World Of Magic (N. Rupa up) won the Chettinad Cement South India St. Leger, the chief event of the races held here on Thursday (February 27). The winner is trained by R. Foley. The results:  KOLAR PLATE (1,000m), maiden 3-y-o only (Terms): Vision Of Love (Casey) 1, Artistic Jewel (M. Venkatesh) 2, Cruise In Style (Kabdhar) 3 and  Romantic Bliss (N. Rupa) 4. 2, 3/4 and shd. 1m 5.57s. Owner: Mr. M. A. M. Ramaswamy. Trainer: R. Foley.  MADRAS RACE CLUB EQUINE HOSPITAL CUP (1,200m), rated 100 & above: Emperor’s Crown (Casey) 1, Winning Glory (Ross) 2, Blushing Romeo (N. Rupa) 3 and King Atlantis (M. Venkatesh) 4. 1, 6-1/4 and 1-1/2. 1m 16.80s. Owner: Mr. M. A. M. Ramaswamy. Trainer: R. Foley.  ROYAL WESTERN INDIA TURF CLUB CUP (1,000m), rated 80 & above: Autumn Pearl (Ross) 1, Blazing Comet (N. Rupa) 2, Precious Princess (M. Venkatesh) 3 and Smart Strider (Kabdhar) 4. 1-1/4, 3 and 4-1/2. 1m 4.91s. Owner: Mr. Rm. Lakshmanan. Trainer: R. Foley.  GREEN VALLEY PLATE (1,00m), rated 60 to 85, 7-y-o & over: Noble View (Ross) 1, Duke Of Windsor (M. Venkatesh) 2, Noble Kingdom (Kabdhar) 3 and The Honorable (Venkatesan) 4. 1-1/2, 2-1/4 and dist. 1m 3-30s. Owner: Mr. K. Muthu Vellaiyan. Trainer: R. Foley.  CHETTINAD CEMENT SOUTH INDIA ST. LEGER (2,800m), 4-y-o (Terms): World Of Magic (Always A Rainbow - Latin Magic) N. Rupa 1, Open Your Heart (Foyer - Ring Of Destiny) Kabdhar 2, Bounty Star (Always A Rainbow - Star Collection) Casey 3 and Above The Clouds (Foyer - Natural Beauty) Ross 4. Dist, dist and 8. 3. 32.84s. Owner: Mr. M. A. M. Ramaswamy. Trainer: R. Foley.  ZAMINDAR OF CHIKKAVARAM GOLD CUP (1,200m), rated 40 to 65, 4-y-o only: Golden Explorer (M. Venkatesh) 1, Prince Valiant (Kabdhar) 2, Right Option (N. Rupa) 3 and Sweet Love (Ross) 4. 6-1/2, 3/4 and dist. 1m 14.74s. Owner: Mr. K. Muthu Vellaiyan. Trainer: B. Suresh.  PATRON PLATE (1,200m), rated 20 to 45: Ashwa Prabir (C. A. Brisson) 1, Emerald Star (Shahar Babu) 2, Ice Mountain (S. S. Azad) 3 and Academy King (N. Murugan) 4. Nk, 4-3/4 and 6-3/4. 1m 16.16s. Owner: Mr. PL. Ravi. Trainer: B. Suresh.  WELFARE CUP (Div. I), (1,200m), rated 00 to 25: Paris Lane (Saddam Iqbal) 1, Supersticous (Stephen Raj) 2, Trojan World (Ayaz Khan) 3 and Black Belt (C. Umesh) 4. 1-1/2, 1-3/4 and 1. 1m 17.14s. Owners: M/s. Wayne Besk, Denver Andrew Camoens & Prithiv Chandrasekhar. Trainer: Fahad Khan.  WELFARE CUP (Div. II), (1,200m), rated 00 to 25: Samburu (Shahar Babu) 1, Chamak Challo (S. Manohar) 2, Yogi Bear (Zulquar Nain) 3 and Starstatus (Saddam Iqbal) 4. Shd, 6-1/2 and 5. 1m 17.55s. Owners: M/s. A. D’Silver, A. Ganesan, C. R. Balakumar & J. Ramesh. Trainer: D’Silver.     

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