Khaleel’s Pride (Ali Khan up) won the A.P. Race Horse Owners Association Trophy, the main event of the races held here on Friday (Oct. 16). Owner and trainer of the winner is L. D’Silva.

1. ACCOMPLISH PLATE (Div. II) (1,100m), Cat. III, Maiden 3-y-o & over, rated up to 50: Tristar (M. Mark) 1, Sweet Heart (N. Rawal) 2, A Fore Work (Nitin Singh) 3, Bold Brigade (Ali Khan) 4. 1/2, hd and 1. 1m 10.15s. Rs.33 (w), 9, 7 & 13 (p), SHP: Rs.30, FP: Rs.148, Q: Rs.88, Tanala: Rs.666. Joint Favourites: Kohinoor Aditi, Storm Force and Sweet Heart. Owner: M/s A.K. Jaiswal, Munawar Hussain , Md. Sultan and Premanand Sugandhi. Trainer: Faisal Hassan.

2. A.P. RACE HORSE OWNERS ASSOCIATION TROPHY (1,400m), Cat. I, 3-y-o & over (Terms): Khaleel’s Pride (Ali Khan) 1, Pleasing Display (Vivek) 2, Champ Forever (A. Imran Khan) 3, Hurricane Bay (N. Rawal) 4. 3, ¾ and 2. 1m 27.86s. Rs.9 (w), 5 & 8 (p), SHP: Rs.15, FP: Rs.20, Q: Rs.13, Tanala: nil. Favourite: Khaleel’s Pride. Owner and trainer: Mr. L. D’Silva.

3. ACCOMPLISH PLATE (Div. I) (1,100m), Cat. III, Maiden 3-y-o & over, rated up to 50: Tillthecowscomehome (M. Mark) 1, Royal Degree (Ch.K. Chary) 2, Hundred Flowers (Sobhan Babu) 3, Mr. Don (Vivek) 4. 1/2, 1-1/4, and 1-1/4. 1m 10.04s. Rs.25 (w), 9, 6 & 7 (p), SHP: Rs.19, FP: Rs.93, Q: Rs.37, Tanala: Rs.214. Joint Favourites: Dr. Don and Royal Degree. Owner: Mr. Thotakura Kishore Kumar, Dr. A.M.K. Gandhi, and Mr. Gongireddy Ramachandra Reddy. Trainer: Silvester.

4. MYSTICAL CUP (2,000m), Cat. III, 3-y-o & over, rated up to 50: Scamper (A. Imran Khan) 1, Manduro (K. Anil) 2, Zulima (Ali Khan) 3, Break Point (A. Ramana) 4. Not run: Bharadvij. Dist, 1-3/4 and 6. 2m 11.42s. Rs.11 (w), 6 & 12 (p), SHP: Rs.22, FP: Rs.44, Q: Rs. 29, Tanala: Rs.64. Favourite: Scamper. Owner: Mr. M.A.M.R. Muthiah. Trainer: Satheesh.

5. ELITE ZONE PLATE (Div. II) (1,200m) — Cat. II, 4-y-o & over, rated up to 75: Red River Rebel (R. Parmod) 1, Ruby Rogue (Vivek) 2, Global Emperor (K. Anil) 3, Penumatcha (Nitin Singh) 4. 1-3/4, 1-1/4 and shd. 1m 15.87s. Rs.27 (w), 9, 8 & 8 (p), SHP: Rs.23, FP: Rs.119, Q: Rs.79, Tanala: Rs.436. Favourite: Global Emperor. Owner: Dr. D. Ravi Chowdary, Mr. Bhishma Chowdary Donepudi and Dr. A.M.K. Gandhi. Trainer: A. Sharma.

6. NAWAB ARSHAD ALI KHAN MEMORIAL CUP (2,400m) — Cat. II, 3-y-o & over (Terms): Clever Ploy (Ch. K. Chary) 1, Nano War (Ashhad Aabar) 2, Vijayam (Ali Kyan) 3, Dash On Regardless (A. Ramana) 4. 5, hd and 3-1/2. 2m 39.78s. Rs.18 (w), 10 & 19 (p), SHP: Rs.35, FP: Rs.130, Q: Rs.98, Tanala: Rs.295. Favourite: Clever Ploy. Owner: Mr. K.S.N. Murty and Kunwar Yadvendra Singh. Trainer: L. D’Silva.

7. ELITE ZONE PLATE (Div. I) (1,200m) — Cat. II, 4-y-o & over, rated up to 75: Super Brand (A. Imran Khan) 1, Essence (Ali Khan) 2, Acciaccatura (Ashhad Asbar) 2, Golden Flame (N. Rawal) 4. 1/2, 1 and 3/4. 1m 15.87s. Rs.13 (w), 6, 8 & 7 (p), SHP: Rs.27, FP: Rs.39, Q: Rs.26, Tanala: Rs.97. Favourite: Super Brand. Owner: Dr. M.A.M. Ramaswamy. Trainer: Satheesh.

8. TOP MOST PLATE (Div. I) (1,200m) — Cat. III, 3-y-o & over, rated up to 25: Cannon Act (Nitin Singh) 1, Blue Magic (Vivek) 2, Recast (K. Anil) 3, Alpine Girl (Kaxman) 4. 1-1/2, 3/4 and 3/4. 1m 18.25s. Rs.98 (w), 24, 8 & 20 (p), SHP: Rs.23, FP: Rs.464, Q: Rs.138, Tanala: Rs.3504. Favourite: Tommy Hilfiger. Owner: Dr. G. Lakshmi Prasad, M/s K.R.K. Raju and KC Thripuraneni. Trainer: N. Rao.

9. TOP MOST PLATE (Div. II) (1,200m) — Cat. III, 3-y-o & over, rated up to 25: Royal Quest (K. Anil) 1, Fair Touch (Shoban Babu) 2, Lalaczar (Chary) 3, Citi Fantasy (Nitin Singh) 4. 2-1/2, 3/4 and nk. 1m 18.56s. Rs.182 (w), 32, 7 & 9 (p), SHP: Rs.19, FP: Rs.997, Q: Rs.375, Tanala: Rs.3348. Favourite: Fair Touch. Owner: Mr K.R.K. Raju and Mrs. T. Gandhi Chowdary. Trainer: N. Rao.

Trebles: (i) Rs.269 (206 tkts). (ii) Rs.173 (334 tkts). (iii) Rs.4,759 (27 tkts).

Consolation: Rs.1,572 (149 tkts).

Jackpot: Rs.1,82,177 (3 tkts).

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