Dynamo and Gerome excelled when the horses were exercised here on Saturday morning.

Sand track

600m: 2/y/o Gracious (T.Mahesh) 40. Easy. A bay filly (Mr. Sidney/Ashiyna) (Kamlesh), Bella Traviata (Merchant) 40. Both are 2/y/o’s and ended level. A grey gelding (Tariq/Elite Society) (Kamlesh), a bay gelding (Tariq/Oh So Romantic) (Merchant) 38. They are 2/y/o and moved neck and neck freely. 2/y/o’s Flynn (R.Vaibhav), Red Fort (Kavraj) 38. They moved level freely. Pumba (Merchant) 40. Easy. Herzeliyah (Kavraj) 41. Easy. A dark bay gelding (Aussie Rules/Miss Serendipity) (Pradeep), Rajasthan Glory (rb) 39. Former is a 2/y/o and they finished level.

800m: 2/y/o Striking Story (T.Mahesh), Demonstrator (Sameer) 54.5, 600/40.5. Former was one length better. An Acquired Taste (app) 51.5, 600/37. Moved well. Cypress Point (Akshay) 50, 600/37. Moved well. Ace Of Heart (rb) 56, 600/42. Easy. Neptune’s Ocean (V.Jodha), Star Gazing (S.Nayak) 51, 600/38. Both moved level freely. Fortune Favours (app), Rodeo (rb) 52, 600/37.5. Former better. Missfield (V.Kadam), Walk Of Fame (app) 52, 600/38. Former finished two lengths ahead. Advance To Contact (P.S.Chouhan) 51, 600/38. Pushed. Insignia (Zervan), Fabrizio (rb) 50, 600/38. Former ended four lengths in front. Ocean And Beyond (S.Sunil) 48.5, 600/35. Worked well. Bourbon Street (app) 54, 600/40. Moved freely. 2/y/o’s Top Commander (B.Sreekanth), Majesterian (Jethu) 56, 600/42. They were easy.

1,000m: Mon Ami (Sandesh) 1-8, 600/39. Moved well. Guns N Roses (Ikram), Winning Destiny (Chandrakant) 1-10.5, 600/41. They were easy. Aqua Aria (S.Shinde), Venus Marina (T.Nemane) 1-9, 800/53, 600/39. Former was two lengths better. Arch Duchess (Trevor) 1-5.5, 800/50.5, 600/38. Moved well. Home Advantage (Hamir) 1-8.5, 600/41. Moved freely. Ethics (Kavraj) 1-11.5, 600/43. Easy. Onassis (Zervan), Silver Arrow (Trevor) 1-5, 800/51, 600/38. They were well in hand and finished level. New World (S. Sunil), Chicharito (Pradeep) 1-4.5, 600/39. Former finished six lengths ahead.

1,200m: Aviator (Pasha), Adios Amigo (Trevor) 1-22, 800/53, 600/40. Former finished four lengths ahead. Durer (Pasha), Zille Ilahi (Trevor) 1-22, 600/40. Former is in good shape and they finished level.

1,400m: Dynamo (Zervan), Gerome (Trevor) 1-33, 1,200/1-18.5, 600/38. Both are in good shape and finished level. Dreams Of You (Zervan), Reynolds (Trevor) 1-36, 1,200/1-21, 1,000/1-6, 800/52, 600/39. Former was well in hand and finished two lengths ahead.

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