Pratham Singh (10) and Rikin Pethani (8) looked to be in a hurry as they powered Tamil Nadu to a 22-9 victory over Bihar in a men’s group C league match of the National basketball 3x3 championship in New Delhi on Wednesday.

The results (league):

Men: Group A: Kerala bt Gujarat 21-7, Jammu and Kashmir bt Himachal Pradesh 17-12, Kerala bt Jammu and Kashmir 21-10, Himachal Pradesh bt Gujarat 18-16, Kerala bt Himachal Pradesh 21-5, Gujarat bt Jammu and Kashmir 20-18.

Group B: Uttarakhand bt Maharashtra 21-9, Railways bt Rajasthan 21-12, Railways bt Maharashtra 22-16, Uttarakhand bt Rajasthan 21-11, Rajasthan bt Maharashtra 21-18, Uttarakhand bt Railways 21-16.

Group C: Tamil Nadu bt Punjab 21-10, Madhya Pradesh bt Bihar 21-4, Punjab bt Bihar 21-5, Tamil Nadu bt Madhya Pradesh 21-8, Punjab bt Madhya Pradesh 18-5, Tamil Nadu bt Bihar 22-9.

Women: Group A: Tamil Nadu bt Kerala 13-9, Railways bt Uttarakhand 21-6, Kerala bt Uttarakhand 21-4, Railways bt Tamil Nadu 21-10, Railways bt Kerala 21-3, Tamil Nadu bt Uttarakhand 13-5.

Group B: Maharashtra bt Punjab 16-11, Andhra Pradesh bt Bihar 15-13, Punjab bt Bihar 11-4, Maharashtra bt Andhra Pradesh 21-13, Punjab bt Andhra Pradesh 19-8, Maharashtra bt Bihar 20-8.

Group C: Delhi bt Rajasthan 21-5, Rajasthan bt Madhya Pradesh 20-7, Delhi bt Madhya Pradesh 19-7.

Group D: Haryana bt Himachal Pradesh 21-10, Chhattisgarh bt Jammu and Kashmir 22-0, Chhattisgarh bt Haryana 21-7, Himachal Pradesh bt Jammu and Kashmir 17-2, Haryana bt Jammu and Kashmir 19-2, Chhattisgarh bt Himachal Pradesh 21-11.


Tamil Nadu and Railways clinch titlesApril 11, 2013

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