Prashant missed a medal by 0.3 points but managed to clinch a Youth Olympic Quota place in air rifle in the seventh Asian air gun championship in Kuwait City on Monday.

There were four quota places available for Asia in the youth men's air rifle category, for the Youth Olympics to be staged in Nanjing, China, and each country could win only quota one per event.

Pratik Borse, who won the team silver along with Gaurav Kumar and Prashant, placed sixth in the final. The seventh placed Shao-Chuan Liu of Chinese Taipei also bagged a quota place as the top six had three Chinese and two Indians apart from gold winner Vadim Skorovarov of Uzbekistan.

While India managed to win an individual silver and bronze in the junior men’s and junior women’s sections through Ekambir Singh Mandi and Anjum Moudgil respectively, National women's air rifle champion Mampi Das failed to win a medal or a Youth Olympic Quota Place.

Mampi placed sixth as she was knocked out by 0.4 points by Fatiemeh Karamzadeh of Iran. The three quota places for Asia in the event were bagged by Martina Lindsay Veloso of Singapore, Najmeh Khedmati of Iran and Angimaa Nergui of Mongolia. Mampi had qualified for the final in fifth place.

Like in the Olympics, the quota places belong to the country and not to the shooters.

In the junior men’s section, Mandi missed the gold by half a point to Amir Hossein Golpasand of Iran who shot a final World junior record 206.3. Mandi edged past three Chinese to the silver, and delivered a 10.7 last shot to bridge the gap with the Iranian.

In junior women's air rifle, Anjum pulled through to the bronze medal behind two Chinese, one of whom Ding Ting Ting shot a final world junior record of 207.3.

The results:

Air rifle: Junior men: 1. Amir Hossein Golpasand (IRI) 205.3 (FWRJ) 614.0; 2. Ekambir Singh Mandi 205.8 (617.4); 3. Liu Liong (Chn) 184.8 (617.4); 7. Satyam Chauhan 99.7 (611.5); 11. Akhil Sheoran 602.8.

Team: 1. China 1854.8; 2. Iran 1833.0; 3. India 1831.7.

Youth men: 1. Vadim Skorovarov (Uzb) 206.0 (620.1); 2. Yang Haoran (Chn) 205.6 (629.0); 3. Wang Ce (Chn) 185.3 (624.2); 4. Prashant 164.7 (620.6); 6. Pratik Borse 120.6 (618.0); 15. Gaurav Kumar 612.9.

Team: 1. China 1876.4; 2. India 1851.5; 3. Korea 1845.3.

Junior women: 1. Ding Ting Ting (Chn) 207.3 (FWRJ) 413.1; 2. Qiu Yehan (Chn) 206.5 (418.6); 3. Anjum Moudgil 183.7 (411.9); 7. Shriyanka Sadangi 100.7 (410.2); 15. Elizabeth Susan Koshy 400.8.

Team: 1. China 1241.2 (WRJ); 2. Iran 1235.7; 3. India 1222.9.

Youth women: 1. 1. Martina LindsayVeloso (Sin) 208.7 (411.0); 2. Najmeh Khedmati (IRI) 207.0 (414.4); 3. Anginmaa Nergui (Mgl) 186.0 (415.1); 6. Mampi Das 121.6 (412.3); 19. Gayatri Pawaskar 405.1; 22. Prachi Gadkari 404.3.

Team: 1. Mongolia 1236.4; 2. Korea 1232.3; 3. Iran 1228.8; 5. India 1221.7.

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