K.C. Ganapathy and Varun Thakkar led the field with three victories on the opening day of the Chennai Super Kings 29er National Sailing Championship in the waters off the city harbour here on Tuesday.

The all-girl team of Varsha Gautam and Aishwarya Nedunchezhiyan, however, put up a spirited display, even winning the day’s first race. All the four contestants belong to the Tamil Nadu Sailing Association (TNSA).

It was a wonderful day for sailing with winds ranging from 11 to eight knots and only mild chops and swells.

The first race witnessed an exciting finish with Varsha and Aishwarya recovering from third place to overtake Ekta Yadav and Shaila Charles (NSS) and then surge past leaders Ganapathy and Varun in the home stretch.

In the next two races, Ganapathy and Varun established a strong lead and won comfortably.

Varsha and Aishwarya claimed the second spot with Aman Vyas and Shubham Pillai from NSS coming third.

In the fourth and final race of the day, Varsha and Aishwarya tested Ganapathy and Varun before the boys clinched it. RMYC’s Shiv Rekhi and Ankit George took the third spot.

The results: Race 1: 1. Varsha Gautham & Aishwarya Nedunchezhiyan (TNSA); 2. K.C. Ganapathy & Varun Thakkar (TNSA); 3. Ekta Yadav & Shaila Charles (NSS). Race 2: 1. Ganapathy & Varun; 2. Varsha & Aishwarya; 3. Aman Vyas & Shubham Pillai (NSS).

Race 3: 1. Ganapathy & Varun; 2. Varsha & Aishwarya; 3. Aman & Shubham. Race 4: 1. Ganapathy & Varun; 2. Varsha & Aishwarya; 3. Shiv Rekhi & Ankit George (RMYC).

Overall: 1. Ganapathy & Varun 5 points; 2. Varsha & Aishwarya 7; 3. Shiv & Ankit 15.