The Commonwealth Games Federation president, Michael Fennell has expressed his displeasure over the manner in which the Games Information System imbroglio continues to be handled by the Organising Committee.

Addressing a routine press briefing on Sunday, Mr. Fennell stated: “We are unhappy with GIS which is quite critical for the dissemination of the results of the Games by the media.” The GIS has remained dysfunctional through the last five days, leaving the media totally in the dark on several factors which normally are made available in double quick time with live feeds.

Mr. Fennell said the problems with regard to transportation have more or less been solved with the appointment of more drivers who were familiar with roads of Delhi. “However, there could be complaints from several other quarters. But I should admit that I have not admitted any Games without any problems in this area of operation.”

Security, he said, would not be relaxed during the course of the Games. “It is essential that the security remains tight. The issue here is all about the overzealousness of some of the security personnel. We do not intend to get into that.”

The OC chairman, Suresh Kalmadi, who put in an appearance after being absent for two days, insisted that generally things were fine at the Games.

“Most of the events were drawing good crowds. Only the archery, lawn bowls, table tennis and shooting venues remains a concern. We have printed ten per cent more tickets and distributed them to the various stake-holders free of cost.”

Answering questions, Mr. Kalmadi said none of the Organising Committee members were involved in the black-marketing of tickets.

“The case, which has been referred here, involves a volunteer. We have handed over the case to the police. We will not condone such acts,” he said.

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