India through to hockey finals in the Commonwealth Games. Indian women win the 4x400m relay gold

But the highlight of the day was unarguably the men's hockey semi-final between India and England. The rise from 1-3 to 3-3 in the second half, and the nail-biting shootout was out of the world. Fierce competition, well-deserved victory.

And on that note, I bid you adieu. Not for too long, I'll see you in the morning.

It was women's day at the Commonwealth Games today. Pistoliers Heena Sidhu and Annu Raj Singh clinched the gold medal in women’s 10 metre air pistol pairs, Mandeep, Simi, Ashwini and Manpreet won Gold int he 4x400m relay, Jwala and Ashwini are through to the semifinals in badminton, as is Saina Nehwal.

21:43: Saina will take on Mew Choo Wong in the badminton finals. Wong will definitely be looking for some payback, after Saina defeated her in teh team events. That was one match to remember. Incredible rallies, great skill. It could have gone both ways.

21:39: Match point for Saina. And she's through to the finals. 21-10, 21-17.

21:37: This one is a fight, no doubts about it. Susan reminding Saina of a match she layed recently against a Malaysian. Hard fought, hard won. 17-17.

21:30: Great rally, amazing cross smash from Susan Egestaff. She gets the point. More unforced errors from Saina.

21:29: Raw nerves. The Scot argues with the line judge, who rules that her raquet crossed the net for a drop shot.

21:26: A fightback, Saina fighting for every point. 6-6 now.

21:23: And Saina takes the first game. Serves in the second now. An unforced error, the Scot opens the score.

21:20: An 19-9 lead on the first game. Looks like Sania was just warming up.

21:15: The Scot is weakening. Sania making some unforced errors, but pushing her opponent also.

21:10: Saina Nehwal in a semi-final match with Scotland. Not a great start, at 4-1, but she's gaining nicely.

20:56: Breaking news just in - The women's 100m Gold medallist Nigerian Oludamola has been stripped of her medal. Natasha Meyers of St Vincent and the Grenadines will now take gold. England's Katherine Endacott will take silver. What a mess.

AP reports: Osayemi Oludamola has been stripped of her Commonwealth Games gold medal in the women’s 100 meters on the same day organizers confirmed a second Nigerian runner had tested positive for the same banned stimulant at New Delhi.

The Commonwealth Games Federation on Tuesday said testing of Oludamola’s “B” sample had confirmed a positive finding for the prohibited substance Methylhexaneamine.

The gold medal for the woman’s 100 metres will now be awarded to Natasha Mayers of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the silver to Katherine Endacott of England, with the bronze going to Bertille Delphine Atangana of Cameroon.

Samuel Okon, a finalist in the men’s 110—meter hurdles, was suspended after a waiving his right to have his “B” sample tested.

20:55: All rise for the Indian national anthem. We seem to have gone quite a while without it today.

20:47: Awards ceremony for the 4x400m women's relay in progress. A proud moment. The Indian athletes all smiles, lapping up the crowd's attention.

This is a historic win by an Indian team, who have never stood on a Commonwealth podium for badminton.

20:36: Match point. Ashwini serves, a short rally, hard smash from Jwala, and the Indians win the women's badminton semifinals 21-12, 13-21, 11-21.

20:32: An unforced error gives the Australians one more point, but Indians in control again, 18-10, brilliant smashes from Ashwini Ponnappa.

20:31: India had lost the first game, and struggled a little in the second. Coming back nicely in this third game. Long rally, Indians keep the pressure up, now at 14-9.

20:28: The Indians on the attack now, and with some wiliness. They set up the last three points and smashed them home.

20:26: Brilliant returns by Ashwini and Jwala, 6-5 now. But another unforced error evens the scores again.

20:24: India's Jwala and Ashwini in women's doubles badminton face off with Australia. This is the semifinals. Australia and India have taken one game each. Some unforced errors in the third game, but the ladies are level at 4-4.

20:23: More athletics news. Renjith maheshwari made a new national record and also took bronze in the triple jump event.

20:20: Some good news on the table-tennis front as well. IANS Reports: India’s Soumyadeep Roy upset fancied Cai Xiaoli of Singapore while defending champion Achanta Sharath Kamal beat another Singaporean Ma Liang to enter the semi—finals of the men’s singles table tennis event at Commonwealth

20:00: The men's 4x400m relay in progress. Australia in the lead, India right at the back. Women's day today. 50 metres left, Australia takes the race, Kenya comes up with a brilliant burst of speed in the last 20 metres. That was the last athletics event of the day.

19:59: Just saw a replay of the women's 4x400m relay. Brilliant running by Mandeep, Simi, Ashwini and Manpreet. It was a compelte team effort, no racer lagged. But Ashwini and Manpreet in the third and fourth parts of the race gave Indian chances extra legs.

19:48: And Chetan Anand has lost to Chong Wei Lee of Malaysia, so the Indians will play each other for bronze. Lee takes on Ouseph in the men's badminton finals.

19:46: Match point to Rajiv. And Kashyap outmanouvred by Ouseph in the semifinals 21-19, 12-21, 18-21

19:44: Kashyap scores with a brilliant cross half smah, but an unforced error and the players are even again. A smash right on the border, Rajiv ahead again.

19:41: The India-England badminton semifinal in progress now. It's 1-1 now, Kashyap trailing 16-17 against Rajiv Ouseph in the third game.

19:33: India wins the women's 4x400m relay Gold, pushing Games favourites Nigerians to second spot and England to third! A national record, and India's second best time ever recorded. What a day for Indian sport

19:31: Shivendra scores! India beats England 5-4 on penalty shootout and is through to the finals of the men's hockey in the Commonwealth Games

19:31: Jackson scores, evens it again, but India's Halappa scores. And Mantel scores. Now for the last and crucial fifth shot. Shivindar walks in.

19:29: Bharat makes a brilliant save! Will Sandeep score? He scores!

19:28: Vikram Pillai comes to counter, and scores. A little high, but still a goal. 2-2

19:27: And India's Sarvanjit Singh evens the score. Richard Mantel scores now, for England.

19:26: Ok, back to hockey. Richard Smith takes position to take the first goal in the penalty shootout. And he scores.

19:22: And world champion Vivian Cheruiyot of Kenya won the women's 5,000m Gold. Australia's Bannister won the men's Javelin throw Gold.

19:21: Lets be fair and unglue ourselves, a little reluctantly perhaps, from this thrilling hockey encounter and take a quick peek at the other events in the Games. Alexandre Despatie now, you remember that champion Canadian diver, has won his 9th diving Gold with the 3m and 1m men's springboard synchro event.

19:19: And extra time is up. India still 3-3 with England. 'Hair-raising hockey' the commentators called it.

19:17: Alexander to Jackson, who attacks. Jackson was left completely unmarked by the Indians, but Jackson unable to take advantage of the situation.

19:16: Another brilliant attack from Tushar, who attempts a reverse shot at goal, and was nearly successful.

19:12: The second half of extra time. England attacks, takes a shot at goal. A scuffle, Gurbaj is hurt, or is he? But he's have to leave the field for at least two minutes, now that he's called in the medics. Those are the rules.

19:08: Penalty corner to India! Sandeep Singh takes to take the shot. And he misses! Bad aim again, and he misses a penalty corner for the second time this evening.

19:04: India appeals for a penalty corner, clams the ball hit an English boot, but the unpire unimpressed, Gurbaj given a corner instead.

19:02: First half of extra time, a little under 7 minutes of play left. England in possession. Brilliant interception by Gurbaj, Dhananjay, Sardara, Gurbaj, India attack from right, Rajpal.

18:56: Time up. India 3-3 against England at full time.

18:55: Corner to England, who fail to profit from it. Sideline hit to India, now in possession. Another attack, Tushar struggles under a too-fast push.

18:53: Three solid attacks at goal over the last five minutes. Sardar, Gurbaj, Tushar spurring the attack.

18:50: England redouble their attack. But India keep the pressure up. A good effort by Tushar, brilliant save by the goalkeeper.

18:45: Sarvanjeet equalises the score! Good comeback by the Indians. England appeals against the scuffle inside the D, but umpire not impressed.

18:44: Some vintage Indian dribbling by captain Rajpal, earns a free hit. India looking for an opening, Sardara, Gurbaj, Prabodh, India in posession, not willing to let the ball go.

India now 2-3 against England

18:41: Sandeep makes quick amends, scores for India from outside the dotted line. Brilliant stuff. 13 minutes left in the game.

18:38: Another attack from India, Gurbaj appeals for a penalty corner, successfully. A real opportunity here to get back in the game. Sandeep makes an attempt, but hits it way over the top.

18:37: Close shave again, a good save by the goalkeeper. Dhananjay scoops to Rajpal, backpass to Sardar, pass to Shivinder, and England take the ball. Fierce counter-attacks from England.

18:34: A well-coordinated attack by India, good dribbling, short, sharp passes, but no goal yet.

18:32: And again. Another penalty corner to England. India gets lucky, Jackson's shot hits the frame, bouces off it.

18:28: Disaster. Prabodh Tirkey makes an illegal push inside the D. A third penalty corner for England. And England scores again. A brilliant feint by Jackson and Mantel, and a third goal a moment later.

18:26: A collision, Gurbaj runs into Jackson, who exits play.

18:24: Another penalty corner awarded to England. Push, Jackson scores! England lead 2-1. A tough game ahead for India. England have managed to convert both their penalty corners into goals.

18:20: The second half of the semi final hockey match between India and England.

18:17: And the men too win bronze in the 4x100m relay. It's a new national record. Good day for Indian athletics.

18:11: News from the track. India have just secured bronze in the 4x100m women's relay event. Another athletics achievement for India.

18:08: England level the score at half time, off a penalty corner. The fight is even again.

18:03: A little over 2 minutes elft in the first half. India expertly controlling the pace of the game. Alexander attacks, Sardar checks it.

17:59: Prabodh Tirkey, Sardara Singh, Vikram, Sardara Singh. India trusting short passes. England attack in the D. Excellent save by Prabodh Tirkey. India retaliate, opportunity to Shivendra..misses it.

17:57: A push from Sandeep, after an obstruction by Rajpal Singh, free hit to England on both occasions.

17:54: England gets a free hit near the dotted line. Transformed into a corner for England, thwarted by Sardara Singh. England keep up the pressure

17:52: And England would have levelled it if not for pure luck, or lack of it in the case of England. India had left the goal wide open to Jackson, who couldn't make use of it.

17:51: Goal! Sarvanjit Singh makes no mistake, India 1-0 against England.

17:50: A penalty chance for India after Shivendra Singh takes a brillinat pass from Gurbaj and gets the ball inside the D.

17:48: Ruined by Shivendra Singh! An excellent attack by India, accurate pass which gave Shivinder not one but two clear shots at the goal, but Shivinder misjudged it, and sends it a mile away. India can't expect opportunities like that often.

17:45: England on the attack. There's very little open space when England play, mostly because of their man-to-man marking of the ball. India usually plays plays much better when there's open space on the field.

17:41: Oh! The ball enters the net, powerfully struck by Alexander. But no, it's not a goal, Pullman's whistle had sounded just a moment before, the ball had crossed the sideline before Alexander had it.

17:39: Tim Pullman awards a free hit to India, thanks to a cheeky move by the English. But they make amends, a close call to India, saved by Sardara Singh, who sends it away.

17:36: A close one. Rajpal Singh sends a through pass to Shivinder, who is unable to stop the ball. A corner now to India. Backpass, chance to Dharamveer, a struggle for the ball, England in possession. Sandeep tackles it, corner to England.

17:30: The game is on! England controls the ball initially, but captain Rajpal steals it, passes to Shivinder SIngh, Gurbhag Singh, Sandeep, who's scored four goals so far for India, now to Halappa, now to Vikram

17:26: Major Dharamchand National Hockey stadium. India have never made a stand on the Commonwealth Games podium. Will this team do it? The crowd, sizeable it is, thinks so. Impressive turnout. There's been a turnaround in the turnout for these games.

17:26: The players file onto the pitch, the English national anthem being sung. The Indian national anthem.

17:23: As the shuttlers take a break, let's take a quick peek at the India-Englad Hockey semi-final pitch. There it is, well lit, the crowd streaming in, English players taking in the feel of the pitch already. The Indians arrive to loud cheering.

17:20: Gamepoint Singapore, as Chin misreads two returns. Chin serves now. A drop shot gone wrong, and Malaysia lose the first game.

17:18: Badminton semifinal action. Malaysians face off Singapore in a mixed doubles encounter. Malaysians lead by one point, 17-16 in the first set.

New Zealand are now four-time champions with this win.

17:15: But he's back, the players huddle, the ball taken by New Zealand, they run with it. A brilliant pass and Arnold scores! New Zealand takes Gold, beat Australia 24-17 in the final rugby sevens match at the Commonwealth Games.

17:10: Austrlia take on champions New Zealand in the rugby sevens final. New Zealand lead by two points, two minutes of play left. New Zealand's star scorer D.J. Forbes is hurt in a tackle. An Australian landed hard on his knee.

17:05: There's also the Hockey semifinals to look forward to this evening, India plays England. But that's thanks to some superb action against Pakistan two days ago. Here's that quarterfinal match.

Saina, Kashyap and Chetan Anand will pit their skills against badminton heavyweights. Going by their performance in the quarterfinal events, I foresee a medal in the near future. Kashyap's incredible match against Malaysian Mashmi is a perfect illustration of India's form. Later that night, Saina Nehwal won 21-7, 21-10 against Canada's Anna Rice for a place in the semifinals. If you missed that Kashyap match, here it is.

16:55: For those who came in late, India's bagged only the lone shooting gold today, but not to worry yet, because there are a lot of events in the quarterfinal and semifinal stage today. Medals or not, no shortage of excitement.

16:47: A one and a half somersault and twist. Alicia Blagg. A good dive, bad entry. Just missed the cut.

16:43: A wonderful final diver from Canada's Pamela Ware. She was only two places over India, but showed promise in that last back twist.

16:40: Oh, Jennifer Abel opens up the competition with that splash. Stratton cashes in, with a smooth two and a half somersault.

16:36: A very impressive back twist by Canada's Emily.

16:33: India's Hrutika attempts a face-saver. Not a fancy dive, a back one and half twist, but a very decent entry. A six for that dive.

16:30: Silver contender Stratton. A good score on that back one and a half

Some springboard trivia. Divers a few years ago weren't allowed to bounce off the springboard, something they do to get extra height.

16:22: Beautiful dive from Canada's Pamela Ware. But the judges disagree, she scores low.

16:22: A disappointing dive from India's Hrutika Shriram. Too slow in the rotation, hits the water hard. Currently in 12th position.

16:18: England's Alicia, the youngest diver at 13 years, executes the best two and a half - 57.20. Canada's Jennifer Abel does even better. A gold medal contender, she scores a 70 with a two and a half. Australia's Stratton in second position

16:15: England's Gallantree attempts a one and a half backflip dive. Good rotation, sloppy entry. Olivia Wright of Australia does better, with a 54.0 score.

16:13: The 1 m springboard women. Malaysia's Jun Hoong executes a two and a half. Tough task, with just one metre between board and water. Not an impressive score dive.

16:09: And it's over. Samoan player of the year scores again in the last three seconds, and Samoans win 32-0.

16:09: Samoans 27-0 now, Samoans have the ball again, with less than a minute to spare. Not hard to see why the Samoans are good at this. A tiny island Samoa might be, but it produces some giant men. Some of these players weigh a 100 kilos, the commentators say.

16:04: Another effort by the Scots, blocked again by three Samoans. In the other semi-final, New Zealand have made it to the finals, truoncing their larger neighbour, Australia 33-12. Here's how they tackled it.

16:00: Halftime whistle. And Samoa, world champions of the sport, lead 17-0. Scotland did get their hands on the pigskin for a few seconds and one valiant scot made a break for it, but the pass he made went to no one, and the Samoans scooped it up.

15:56: Samoa score again. For the average Indian viewer, unused to contact sports, this is exotic fare. Unusual to see so much pushing and shoving outside a ring and on a pitch instead.

15:52: Rugby sevens, Samoa and Scotland. High octane match, aggressive from the word go. Samoa score before 20 seconds are up.

15:50: Indian shooters were crack shots today, winning a Gold and two silvers. In case you didn't hear the report, here it is.

15:46: A shooter named Corbett, taking aim from a prone position. Ring a bell?

15:44: We're out on the shooting range now, the men's prone rifle event. Competitors check their target in their scopes, making hair-breadth adjustments all the while. An Australian named James Corbett is shooting now, and shooting well, according to the commentators.

15:38: The rhythmic gymnastics event was beautiful. It's uncanny how the participants precisely anticipate the movement of their chosen props and position themselves to receive it as it comes to rest.

Good afternoon, all you sports enthusiasts! I'm Anand Venkateswaran and I'm here to take you through the second action-packed half of Day 9 of the Commonwealth Games 2010. To catch all the day's action so far, click here. There's some comprehensive commentary from Swaroop Swaminathan you'll find there.

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