After having ruled the opener for most part in Bangalore, Team R3A of PGA Motorsports continued to maintain its supremacy in the second round of the FMSCI-Indian National Autocross Championship at the PSG Ganga Naidu Charities Trust grounds here on Sunday.

Rahul Kantharaj lived up to the expectations of his team winning the 3000cc open class with relative ease. The 36-year-old from Bangalore, a successful national rally star, stopped the clock at 02:17.010 for the top slot.

“It has been a rather good day for me and the team. The track was very technical and bumpy but it did not matter, as I gave 110 per cent,” said Rahul, who had a ‘DNF’ to his name in the opening round in Bangalore.

Rahul and Den Thimmaya, also from the same team, finished two-three in the 1150-1400cc open class. K. Ranjith Balall, who finished on top in this category, further completed a double wresting the 4x4 Gypsy 1400cc open class.

PGA Motorsports’ Ashika Menezes added extra joy clinching the up to 1400cc open class for ladies. Team-mate Sanjana Ganapathy took the third spot.

The results: Open: Upto 850cc: 1. Ashok Mudigere 02:27.920; 2. S.M. Sri Hari; 3. K. Ranjith Ballal.

850-1150cc: 1. Lokesh Gowda02:25.670; 2. S.D. Shuchindra; 3. Baban Khan.

1150-1400cc: 1. K. Ranjith Ballal 02:24.980; 2. Rahul Kantharaj; 3. Den Thimmaya.

1400-1600cc: 1. Vishal 02:20.230; 2. Druva Chandrashekar; 3. Shafeeq Ur Rehman.

Upto 3000cc: 1. Rahul Kantharaj 02:17.010; 2. Chetan Shivram; 3. Druva Chandrashekar.

4x4 gypsy up to 1400cc: 1. K. Ranjith Ballal 02:24.390; 2. Shafeeq Ur Rehman; 3. Philip Thomas.

Upto 1400cc ladies: 1. M. Ashika 02:34.950; 2. C. Veena Ponnappa; 3. Sanjana Ganapathy.

Local novice: 1. Sidarth 02:33.680; 2. Pranava Chendur; 3. P. Maniraj Kumar.

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