After what’s been a hectic period for our team, Royal Challengers Bangalore, we’ve had a little bit of a breather leading up to Saturday’s clash with Rajasthan Royals.

From the outside it might seem to you that playing virtually every second day is tough, but if you ask me, it’s not so bad at all. When you are in good form, as has been the case with us, you ideally want to maintain that rhythm.


In any case, I always make sure I get as much rest as possible between games. If you thought partying is my way of unwinding after a hard-fought match, you’re wrong. Sleep, and lots of it, is my post-game remedy and I find it does wonders to help me recover for the next game.

My Twitter followers might point out that I was guilty of compromising on my sleep the other night while the Manchester United game was going on. It’s no secret that I love watching football, and I’m a huge United fan as you can tell by a lot of my tweets.

Back home that fixture would have been going on at a decent hour, and it always takes me a good amount of time to properly adapt to a new time zone which is why I was tuned into the game.

Mind you, if sleep comes, I’ll surely opt for it over football, but if a suitable opportunity to watch the Red Devils presents itself, I’m not going to miss it.

The English Premier League is undoubtedly very popular in the Caribbean but I can certainly say the same about the IPL.

Trust me, it’s huge all over the Caribbean especially with a lot of West Indians playing in the competition.

Even though the second game clashes with work for most people, they still manage time to catch the action.

Celebrated fan

One of the more celebrated fans, known to most of you I’m sure, is my compatriot Yohan Blake. He’s become a big fan of the RCB and I’d love to think it’s because of me. Jokes aside, it’s lovely to be supported by a fellow sporting superstar.

Yohan sure loves his cricket and I can tell you that he hasn’t given up on his IPL dream just yet.

This year, he hasn’t been able to realise his dream simply because he’s focused on the upcoming track and field World championships. Considering that he’s got me out in quite a few of the charity games we’ve played, I don’t mind if he takes his time, unless of course, he joined RCB.

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