So much has been written and said about him over the years that there really isn’t anything left to uncover about Lionel Messi.

The Argentinian genius is in his prime at the age of 26 (interestingly, the same age as Diego Maradona in 1986), having won everything in front of him – except the small matter of a World Cup. After being branded ‘too young’ to make an impact at the 2006 edition, and the Germans (again!) ending his dream prematurely in South Africa, this year’s summer extravaganza promises to be Messi’s biggest chance of making a mark at the world stage and proving his doubters (very few) wrong.

And is there anything that Messi still doesn’t know after all these years? YES. His national anthem! The captain still struggles, quite embarrassingly at times, with the Himno Nacional Argentino. He was once caught on camera mumbling vaguely before the start of a match.

He, apparently, still receives text messages from his teammates reminding him of the lyrics. Now, that’s an own goal from ‘Leo’!

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