When two beams of light cross each other, why don’t they deviate from their path due to collision of photons?

Bandaru Prasanth, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Even when both the parents are Rh positive, children born to them can be Rh negative. How does this happen?

Jamy, Ernakulam, Kerala

Why do some of us go blank just before exams?

K. Sathiyamoorthy, Mayiladuthurai,Tamil Nadu

Why does the hair on our hands stand up when we keep it near a TV screen?

G. Archana, Erode, Tamil Nadu

Why do we feel pressure when we enter a tunnel while travelling in a train?

Patil Bhagyashree Yashwant, Mumbai

Do ants, earthworms, cockroaches have blood circulation system like vertebrates with hearts and blood vessels?

T.M. Sundararaman, Chennai

How do trees help control noise pollution?

K. Ananthanarayanan, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

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