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APPROACH THROUGH APP Krush ensures that your privacy is not invaded  


Krush, a dating app, has had up to 130 matches so far

Technology, to a certain extent, has changed the way we communicate. It has permeated into every aspect of our lives, including how we form relationships. Krush, a dating application on Android, a three-person start up, within a short time of its launch in Bangalore, has been downloaded close to 4,000 times.

The idea of starting Krush came to Rajat Rao, a young Bangalore-based entrepreneur, when he realised that technology can help in overcoming feelings of awkwardness which comes in the way of approaching someone you are interested in.

“I noticed that it was easier for some to approach people than others. Some of my friends didn’t get to meet people. Krush helps one to connect with people with whom you are compatible, in a way that makes you feel comfortable.”

The ratio of female to male users is 6:4, according to Rajat. “This is an indication of our assuring privacy policy,” says Rajat. Krush, which can be downloaded from Google play store, works as a sort of a personal match maker. It uses your Facebook data, such as age, location, likes, interests and activities which helps you match with friends and friends of friends.

But user privacy is of utmost importance, says Rajat. “We never share your phone number, exact location or other personal information. In addition, nobody can contact you unless you have explicitly stated that you’re interested in them.”

The app sends a batch of 15 potential dates everyday, whom you can ‘like’ or ‘skip’, anonymously. “Krush does not match you with complete strangers. Every suggestion made will have at least one mutual friend with the user. The fear of rejection is also eliminated in this app. If you happen to ‘like’ someone who also likes you back, both of you find out that the feelings are mutual. If the feelings are one way though, your crush never finds out about it.”

But what if the app is misused by those who are already committed, but looking to have fun? “We do not suggest those whose relationship status is explicitly stated as married,” says Rajat.

Rajat is in charge of product strategy, marketing and design. “I was looking to collaborate with people from the technical field. We needed someone to build the app.” So far, Rajat says they have had 130 matches.

Krush is slated to be launched in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

Krush will be available on Apple’s app store shortly.

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