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Updated: September 7, 2011 15:35 IST

Keeping a check

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Keep your tyre presure in check. Photo: Sampath Kumar G.P.
The Hindu
Keep your tyre presure in check. Photo: Sampath Kumar G.P.

Four college students have designed a system to monitor tyre pressure and warn the rider before he takes a toss.

Road safety is a major concern today and one cause of accidents is poor maintenance of tyres. The primary objective of this invention is to provide a system that helps monitor tyre pressure while on the move.

Though a similar system already exists, this one is different as it is specially made for the tube-based tyre with a low cost initiative to make it affordable.

The mechanical assembly fitted onto the tyre's air valve is bifurcated; hence air can be monitored through a wireless medium from inside the car or on the front panel of a motor-bike. Air can also be simultaneously inflated/deflated as per the driver's wish to help avoid removal of any assembly.

Warning system

The system uses a solar panel for the system back-up; so the driver need not worry about charging the device. Here the driver will be alerted if pressure drops or rises above a particular threshold. Since the entire system is based on wireless transmission, the system is very safe and can be used in any type of vehicle.

Initially, the concept was designed using Catia 10.1 after which the proposal was sent to the Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology for approval and funding. The system involves a bifurcated assembly which is a prominent part of our design as it is significant as far as the design is concerned.

We underwent several difficulties while testing the system in various vehicles but we did succeed at the end as we conducted three phases of testing which included an analog air pressure gauge, the wired system and the wireless system. After we succeeded in each of the steps we proceeded to the next step which brought us to a stage where we were able to implement the system on any vehicle.

After recognition, a patent has been applied for under the title “Improved Solar Powered Low Cost Tyre Pressure Sensing Assembly with Bifurcation for Automobiles.” Future plans include introducing the device to various automotive industries and to further reduce the cost and size of the device as it would be more convenient for the end users. The total installation will cost around Rs.2500 for a motorbike and Rs.6000 for larger vehicles.

Patent Application Number: 772/CHE/2011

Inventors: Vigneshwaran Gandhiram, Shyam Sundar, Arul Prakasam, Varun D.

Guide: Mr. G. Muthukumaran, Associate Professor, Hindustan University






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