Internet savvy Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is to join the tweeting community on the global micro blogging service by this summer, according to the Kremlin.

Mr. Medvedev already has a blog on Live Journal and a video blog YouTube has officially requested the Twitter service provider to vacate the account occupied by an impostor, who has opened it in his name.

The Twitter account ‘blog_medvedev’ contains posts on domestic and international issues, though it has nothing to do with Mr. Medvedev's stance since the presidential staff did not take part in creating the micro blog, web portal reported quoting the Kremlin sources.

The Kremlin confirmed that later this summer the president plans to create an official Twitter account in the Global micro blogging service. “So that everything works well, we need someone to handle it. We are currently working on this project,” the Kremlin said.

Mr. Medvedev was also mulling to create an account in some international social network like Facebook.

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