If living in a small house makes cleaning with a cumbersome vacuum cleaner somewhat difficult, you can now take advantage of a new model that is small enough to sit on a sheet of A4 paper and weighs less than a laptop.

The small vacuum cleaner will cater to families who are squeezed for space in bijou city flats and compact houses - though designed to tackle awkward corners and small floor space in confined areas, it’s powerful enough to clean a whole house, say its designers.

The new model, weighing less than many laptop computers, has already been a hit in Japan where city living spaces are notoriously small, according to them.

British inventor James Dyson was quoted by the ‘Daily Express’ as saying, “It took us five years to painstakingly compress and rebuild every single component before we had a machine that was a third smaller than its predecessor, yet could still tackle dirt like bigger machines.”

One downside to the 250 pounds Dyson City DC26 is that it needs to be emptied of dust and dirt much more frequently than the bigger machines. But it can be dismantled for easy storage.